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Email: office@methodputkisto.com


If you decide to choose Package 4 "All", you have the chance to get 10+1 bonus videos.

Purchase before the 31st of August and you will be enjoying them until the 30th of September. 

Create shape in your body and joy in your mind.

Stressed? You are not quite sure what is enough? You love exercising but are feeling stuck? You used to be a great mover but are now not quite sure what the priority is?

We have got you. This is your new training room where we create a foundation for our body.  Lets get energised - to be free from pain and to have a strong and stable spine. Clear your stress.

Weekly timetable


07.00 - 08.00 Walking

10.00 - 11.00 Face Up​​​

19.30 - 20.30 Body


12.00 - 12.30 Lighten Up


10.00 - 11.00 Body​​

18.30 - 19.30 Body


19.45 - 21.00 Studio class


MAX 3 per class


12.00 - 12.30 Lighten Up


17.00 - 17.05 Thought of the week

19.00 - 21.00 Instructor Training


07.00 - 08.00 Walking with Francis

The best of online

At home you can now exercise more often, regularly and progressively. 

Do you feel your body is stiff? Is it your back that needs strength? Or is your core weak? Would you like to have a better posture and remove your neck and back aches? 

Why not follow a progression which will ensure you reach further? We will offer you a great service, quality classes and best results that you can both see from your body and feel in your well-being and energy levels.


Body 30min

Light & Lifted for energy

These are ideal for you during the busy day, when your body needs precise attention or a boost and a lift.


Body 60min

Lean & lifted

Well-being for body & mind

Get supple and strong - feel free and light - move with ease and enjoy!


Face 60min

For forever youthful looks.

Lift and balance the facial muscles. Refresh your face and neck resulting in a more youthful and toned look.



You want more? Get all of them. Includes well designed exercise sessions with plenty

of classes to choose from to support your systematic progression.


Choose which package applies to you in order to fulfil your goals and achieve the freedom to move. The programs can be designed to your schedule making them flexible and tailored to your lifestyle!​


Autumn 2020 sessions

Look into our renewed balanced programme. This new system allows you to focus and join into more classes and feel the difference.


Join us to move on and up - together!

Body 30min

Lighten Up for the day

During the busy day is it time to lift your posture? How about to look after your back or ease up the tension from your neck and shoulders? 

These sessions are a brilliant way to ‘take a break’ and gain flexibility from top to toe.  An enjoyable way to boost your posture, lift the spirit and gain self-confidence. Most of all this is a session to ‘let go’ what you do not need. We focus on relaxing the shoulders, learn to ease up grinding to feel free to breathe. To feel great we lift the neck, free the head, stretch your hips, rotate the torso, free the ankles and finish off by mobilising the spine.  Not to worry: one thing at a time!

We also learn how to fall to feel light and ease, how to push, pull and PONNISTA (= finnish word worth learning!) - to be free! Enjoy.

Body 60min

Each session has a theme,  yet during each session will we cover the body as a whole. We focus on spine, shoulder, hips, pelvis and joint work conditioning all levels of the tissues – and bring everything together with breathing.

The term begins from hips as a core structure followed by abdominal corset engagement to reach a happy digestion.

We carry on towards body conditioning to feel great from inside out. We add resistance to stretching to hit the key stabilising points in the spine.

This all leads to a better posture and body shape. We carry on reaching deeper to hip flexors & back. Towards the end of the term we sink into mindful & recovering stretches to alleviate stress and to feel calm. To be ready for the New Year we finish off with spinal spirals to feel free, easy and well!

Face 60min

This is a specialised progressive way of working with your face. Every class will also include a moment of full-body relaxation and adjustment for the lymphatic circulation.

We are focusing on balancing the facial muscles. We begin with the grinding muscles to become free from stress and re-learn to relax.  Expression muscles will create an attractive equilibrium. The neck and shoulders when relaxed elevate your looks. We spend time in every session to focus on head alignment as that is the growth for our being.  


This is a unique blend of long and shorter sessions. These are designed dynamically to ENHANCE each other. Longer sessions will go deeper and shorter sessions will balance these out. The 3D Face clinic will add a unique addition to this all.


Each of the 60 minutes will emphasise another aspect. The morning classes are dedicated to the basics, with the evening classes working more towards integrated movements. Overall the mind plays an important part of the work we do. 


The progression has been planned following the seasons: End of the summer, Autumn our focus will be on alignment, spine and strengthening work. As the days get shorter, speedy recuperation becomes our priority. Shorter sessions will balance our sensory system. Towards the end of the year it is time to pull together and begin to build the vision towards the New Year. Also this is the time we can enjoy the results. 


To ensure you can enjoy the harmony; we will provide you with recordings from the 30 minute sessions and the face clinic.