Relieve tension and stress

Stress tends to show up typically in the neck area, yet the cause is often in the jaw; tightness in either area can affect the other.


Modern life promotes hurry, worry, grief, frustration and numerous emotions causing stress, neck and shoulder tension, headaches, fatigue and even tiredness in the eyes. 


If you feel your jaw is tense, it is time to realign your jaw joints, relax your grinding muscles and balance the muscles around your mouth and jaw. 


Based on research a third of us is suffering from Temporomandibular disorder (TMD) but often without being aware of it. This has a profound effect on the quality of sleep and well-being. 

Learn with Marja exercises to alleviate jaw tension and enjoy this instant beauty boost.  During this Course Marja will focus on releasing the tension around the jaw, relaxing and realigning the neck. Experience this quick way to look your best and return to your face to look youthful and fresh.  

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Is your face changing? Fatigue is visible in the eyes and around the mouth?


Have you suddenly faced a withering look? You may wonder why your forehead has crumpled wrinkles? The worst is the hanging mouth. 

It is time to do something about this!


A tense face to a great smile

only face sessions

1.11.- 11.12.21


Breathe your body beautiful


A tense face to a great smile


both face & body sessions

1.11.- 11.12.21

Choices available 

Highly recommended

“Fab, love the pyramid shapes, good to be able to repeat and practise from video recording"

- Sharon



"Thank you so much Marja – this has been the most amazing experience, so good to feel your magic again! Your virtual sessions are a godsend for those of us who live too far away to attend your workshops in person.”

- Lynn


'As with all Marja's classes there is a little bit of magic, working on your face not only lifts and brings a sparkle, but it seems to rejuvenate your spirits too'

- Mandy

“This has changed my whole approach and understanding of the well-being of the face – and made me realise the importance of the facial muscles for the entire wellbeing of the body – beyond my expectations!”

This is what you get

Only Face | £99

Monday 1st November. - Saturday 11th December 2021​ - 6 sessions

  • 10-10.45am | Mondays

Body & Face | £199

Monday 1st November. - Saturday 11th December 2021 - 36 sessions

  • Breathe your body beautiful sessions

  • From a tense face to a great smile sessions

  • Plus 6 Inspiration podcasts


  • Recordings of sessions are available for 7 days - this allows you to practice at a time suitable for you. 

  • Q&A sessions held for 10 minutes hosted by Marja. 

A tense face to a great smile

- 6 week course

by Marja Putkisto

Join us for Marjas LIVE online classes starting from Monday 1st November 2021

  • During this course you will learn simple steps to balance your face, free yourself from the stress grinding spiral and improve your looks. This is an excellent course for jaw tension release.

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