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Love your body

Look great and feel even better!  Method Putkisto holds the secret to being truly happy in your own skin.

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Marja tells how to look better

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Included in the price of a module*: 

- this allows you to practice at a time suitable for you. 

  • Q&A sessions 10 minutes hosted by Marja.

  • Weekly client thank you mails

  *   Based on ALL UP 

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Weekly classes

MODULE 1 11.1. - 20.2.2021

  • Mondays 10.00-10.45

  • 6 weeks

  • 6 sessions

  • Recordings of the classes to watch for a week (24/7)

£123 inc VAT

ALL sessions

MODULES 1-311.1. - 29.5.2021

Enjoy all of the sessions

  • 18 weeks

  • 18 sessions

  • 2 Face clinic courses

  • Recordings of the classes to watch for a week (24/7)

 3 modules for price of 2 


 2 Face Clinic courses @ £79 

£245 inc VAT (norm. £527)

Offer is valid until 10.1.2021



Did you know how the ‘basic look’ can be renewed? A momentary raising of the eyebrows or a smile is not yet enough for the ‘face to bear and rise’. The expression muscles can and should be strengthened. The eyes are made to twinkle. Fatigue is visible on the face and eyes.


See, notice and feel how your face rises, experience how it feels!

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