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Love your body

Look great and feel even better!  Method Putkisto holds the secret to being truly happy in your own skin.

Take your beauty into your own hands!


To support her Method Putkisto Natural 3D Face Clinic, Marja has developed a rejuvenating facial massage beauty package that will enhance your skin care routine and warm and relax your muscles, enabling your exercises to penetrate the deepest layers of your facial musculature.

Rejuvenate your looks

Does the mirror show a withered look? Wondering because your forehead has crumpled wrinkles? The worst is the hanging mouth! Fatigue is visible in the eyes and around the mouth.

Feed your face!

We particularly recommend using SnowAnna Vitamin A Anti-Age Serum for your facial massages, and these are available to buy from our online shop. Suitable for all skin types, with all-natural ingredients such as Finnish juniper berries, they feel lovely to use and are perfect for the job of nourishing and lifting your face and décolleté.

SnowAnna products are rich in antioxidants derived from berries such as buckthorn and juniper, which have been picked during Finland’s summers of 24/7 daylight. 

The nourishing and luxurious Vitamin A Anti-Age Serum is 100% Finnish and organic. It will freshen and regenerate your skin, and – packed with the aroma of juniper berries – it smells wonderful too.

Contents of the beauty package

The beauty package includes:

  • 3 Face Up Couture massage videos directed by Marja. Enjoy easy and clear instructions. You will definitely succeed.

  1. For face shaping

  2. For facelift

  3. For firming the skin

After your purchase you will receive links to the videos in your e-mail and they are available to you for 3 months.

  • Anti-Aging Sea buckthorn serum, SnowAnna

£93 inc. VAT​

Dazzling results

Be one of the first to try this exciting new programme with our special pre-launch Christmas offer:  for a limited time we are offering SnowAnna Vitamin A Anti-Age Juniper Serum (30ml) PLUS three Method Putkisto FACE UP shaping massage instruction videos in which Marja demonstrates step-by-step how to lift and reshape your face and firm your skin, with results that should dazzle you at the end of the three-month programme for £93.