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Love your body

Look great and feel even better!  Method Putkisto holds the secret to being truly happy in your own skin.

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Lift your looks, restore your youthful glow, and bring natural freshness to your face.

Marja's five-session Face Clinic course for lifting, firming and shaping the face, on Sundays online from 5 pm to 6 pm from 14 February 2021. Price for the course is £79 incl. VAT. You can practice whenever it suits you with the recordings.

Have you ever got scared of your own face?

Face Clinic Course

Shape, tone and lift

Sunday 14.02. - Sunday 07.03.2021

The use of expressive muscles changes the mood, but also the appearance.


Did you know how the ‘basic look’ can be renewed? A momentary raising of the eyebrows or a smile is not yet enough for the ‘face to bear and rise’. The expressive muscles can and should be strengthened. The eyes are made to twinkle. Fatigue is visible on the face and eyes.


See, notice and feel how your face rises, experience how it feels!

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Marja´s face courses are our most popular courses. 100% of the participants say that they have received tools from the course, both thoughts and exercises that have become part of everyday life. So to shine and glow every day!


Facial firming and elevation

Sun 21.2.2021

In this session, we strengthen the skin, learn the extracts that firm the double chin. Exercises refresh your look and make your mouth smile.


Jaw design - resonance

Sun 14.2.2021

We start from the chin line, we activate the smile muscles, improving the shape of the lips and the chin line.


Melt the nodule of the neck - line decoltee

Sun 28.2.2021

In this class the burden accumulated by autumn is dropped from the shoulders. You will experience how the release of the neck affects the look of the face.


Glow of skin and radiance of the eyes

Sun 7.3.2021

When your face glows, you shine too. What does this mean in practice? Experience how facial balance affects the well-being of the whole body. We remove eye bags.


Head as a support

Sun 14.3.2021

In this class, you will learn how the right kind of head support affects the well-being and health of your face. We melt the neck nodule and remove unnecessary tension from the neck-shoulder area; we strengthen the neck. AH! The blood circulation in the head is refreshed!