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Learn with Marja the exercises to alleviate jaw tension and enjoy this instant beauty boost!

If you feel your jaw is tense, it is time to realign your jaw joints, relax your grinding muscles and balance the muscles around your mouth and jaw.

Stress tends to show up typically in the neck area, yet the cause is often in the jaw. Tightness in either area affects the other.


Modern life promotes hurry, worry, grief, frustration and numerous motions causing stress, neck and shoulder tension, headaches, fatigue and even tiredness in eyes.

Based on research a third of us is suffering from Temporomandibular disorder (TMD) but often without being aware of it. This has a profound effect on the quality of the sleep and well-being.

Feel, see and enjoy your face lifting up in a natural way. 

Anti-ageing in 4 sessions!

From a tense jaw to a beautiful smile

Sundays 5 - 5.45 pm starting 9th May 2021.

Time to free your face!