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Marja Putkisto founder of Method Putkisto

Step 1  — free sample session

Watch, feel and experience in practice the magic of the Method. You get two recorded video sessions:

  • 30 min Body Session

  • 60 min Face Session

No joining fee. Just enter your details and get started.

Step 2 — Introduction pack £27

This Step is there to give you the best possible start to your weekly classes. To orientate yourself is worthwhile for anyone to see and experience. Enjoy! 

  • 30 min Body Sessions videos x 2

  • 60 min Body Sessions x 2

  • 60 min Face Sessions x 2

  • Marja`s Welcome Video

  • Blog 5 steps to orientate

We invite you to experience Method Putkisto.
These steps have been designed to make it easy for you to get the best out of your sessions. 

Let`s move on

Sign into our Autumn term online classes, our face courses or book a private session. To complete your experience enjoy our wonderful well-being breaks overseas. 

Read a blog post from Lilian:

"I came home to my body and now so much more is possible"

How her approach to exercise was changed forever.

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