Let your skin glow!

The grey face is the ‘horror’ of winter. When the skin is glowing, you look amazing.  As we age, skin becomes thinner, its elasticity decreases and the skin wrinkles. The development of wrinkles can be slowed down with the right kind of exercise.


Is it time to return the glow to your face?


Learn how to work on different layers of facial tissue. We start by lifting the sagging skin, followed by exercises to improve your metabolism. All this promotes your skin to glow and for you to feel refreshed. 

This is how you take beauty into your own hands

• Touch - learn how to improve the circulation for your face and prevent the wrinkles

• Relaxation exercises - to relieve and relax endurance.

• Imagery exercises - to accurately target effects.

Based on Method Putkisto NEW Face Up programme

Shine, radiate & feel relaxed

Experience a New type of beauty gym, a workout designed to improve the balance of your face.

As when exercising the body an endorphin rush is a blissful experience.

Experience now this buzz with this unique combination of short sessions for your face and shoulders leaving you intrigued - and looking amazing!

This is what is included:

6 weeks: Monday 10th January. - Saturday 19th February 2022


Live sessions by Marja Putkisto. A total of 24 sessions. 


Each week

  • 4 x sessions, recordings after each session

  • 1 x ‘Beauty Shot’, podcast

  • Each session is hosted. You are welcome to join online before the class starts where we often have informal chats to share questions and our observations about the effects of the exercises.  


11:00 - 11:30 | Mondays & Wednesdays

18:00 - 18:45 | Tuesdays & Thursdays


Client page 

  • Information supporting your practice 

  • 2 x Method Putkisto Start Up Videos, tools ‘how we practise’


Please note: Attendance in all the sessions is not essential - you can follow the recordings in your own time.

This six-week course starts on the 10th of January 2022.

Start this amazing facial training with Marja's coaching and love the results. 

Learn to beautify yourself in a new way and look and feel refreshed. 

Recordings will free you to practice on your own schedule and repeat what you've learned. 

The total price is £155

From a dull to a glowing face

- in 6 weeks

by Marja Putkisto


Stretch yourself slim

 body sessions only | 6 weeks

10.01.- 19.02.22


Stretch yourself slim


From a dull to a glowing face


both face & body sessions | 6 weeks

10.01.- 19.02.22


From a dull to a glowing face

 face sessions only | 6 weeks

10.01.- 19.02.21

Weekly timetable

Client recommendations

“As my face relaxes, the sensation travels through my whole body and mind."


"This practise has given me a moment of pause and gentleness in the middle of a busy day. It is a moment for me. My appearance has lifted and I look fresher."


‘I now know how to instantly improve the tone of my skin or remove the bags from under my eyes. Real uplifting experience!"


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