Video 1.


Stretches to clear your stress

Disconnected? Are your stress levels up? Stretching can help!

I have chosen you a set of movements and stretches to instantly balance the mind and the body. It’s true - when posture is lifted, the mind will follow.

Video 2.  Spine: Stretch your spine and be free to move

You can now, in the middle of the day, take a moment to focus on your body

Enjoy a taste of Marja’s focused stretches to re-align joints back to their centerpoint. What a lovely feeling!

Video 3.

Breathing to wellness - Rising

Are you feeling anxious or tense? Feeling tightness in your chest?

Let Marja teach you her popular ‘Rising Sun’ breathing technique to clear your mind, lift your spirits and elevate your posture. Super!

Video 4. Balance: Body has a shape - so does the mind

Balance, focus to pull yourself together. Experience Marja’s sessions for mind and body and to feel well. 

Video 5.

Waistline: Breathing to shape - Moon Crescent

This is your Testimonial quote. Give your customers the stage to tell the world how great you are!

Video 6.

Time for flow: Rhythm, heart rate, movement and stretching.

This is our final session of the series. Join us for Marja's 'extravaganza' – it will lift you and raise your energy levels. With an efficient breathing pump we add energy and life force to the body.

All this for


Recordings are live broadcasts from May 2020

Thank you so much Marja – this has been the most amazing experience, so good to feel your magic again! Your virtual sessions are a godsend for those of us who of us who live too far away to attend your workshops in person.

Lynn, Email

Inspirational and fascinating

Minna, Zoom message

Amazing session Marja. Thanks! So clear instruction and beautiful setting. Perfect!"


We love

This is a series of six recordings that will help you to improve your posture and flexibility. Via each 30-minute video, Marja will send you hopeful wishes – breathe easy, refresh and balance yourself.  Look after your body and it will carry you through life’s trials and triumphs.


The sessions are a good start to the day, a refreshing break during the day or a way to relax in the evening. No equipment required.


Enjoy the absorbing intensity of the sessions and experience the unique ethos.

The videos will be available for you till the end of June. You can watch them as many times as you wish, and learn something new every time.

We are offering this series for £10. Make it yours now!

Are you new to the Method?

Have a taste of our summer classes.

Experience Marja`s LIVE

6 x 30mins sessions.

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Marja`s LIVE videos

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