We are looking for pioneers

Marja’s Club will be launched in Autumn 2022.  Are you our pioneers to test its content and programmes?


Based on your feedback, we will refine the activities and look forward to opening the doors of the Club in Autumn. 


As a thank you for your participation, we have reserved you some vouchers which will give you significant discounts to enjoy.


Read more about the Club from this page. 

Focus on the essential & reach better results

When you don't know what's enough and time is short, you're not quite getting the results you want. The Club is for you if you want to reach further. It is for you who wish to:


  • FOCUS - It's a place where you can focus on yourself and relax.  You know you're systematically learning more and your skills will improve. All this has an in-depth effect on your well-being with far-reaching effects. 


  • TIME - the weekly rhythm will energise you. Routine builds energy clears the head and gives you more time. 


  • RESULTS - small doses, often and regularly, will give you much better results than the traditional way of exercising. This builds new routines. Routines offer energy. 

Weekly timetable

What will be new at Marja’s Club?

What's new is the way we train, but also the way we work. We will test these together.



  • Members receive vouchers for courses & equipment 

  • Annual training schedule

What will your year with Marja look like?

Marja will be your coach throughout the year. The training is based on 6-week thematic sessions and supporting courses. Our annual calendar will ensure your development is always progressing.


In January, we start training with consolidation and recovery. See what's coming up here.

As a pioneer customer, all this is included:

  • Marja’s Club content testing

  • Training Monday 10th January  - Friday 3rd June 2022

  • Coached by Marja Putkisto

  • Extra discounts:

    • Marja's online coaching

    • Exclusive courses

Or continue as usual

You can also continue training in the usual way. Redeem your first courses of the year here:

  1. Body | Stretch yourself slim

  2. Face | From a dull to a glowing face

Take a look at our Year Programme 2022

Two ways to purchase


inc. VAT

£79 / month

inc. VAT

Price: Become a pioneer for £450. A normal price of £762, a 40% discount, saving £312. The price advantage is valid until 9.1.2022 at 21:00.

Price: Become a pioneer for £79/month for 6 months, for a total of £474. The price advantage is valid until 9.1.2022 at 21:00.

One time payment

Pay monthly

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