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A miracle retreat of stretching that brings every sense to life

Updated: Feb 4

I invite you to join us for a unique experience and environment at the Method Putkisto Exclusive course at the breathtakingly beautiful Dionysos, Turkey next to thousands of year old canyons.

The high mountains, pine forest and olive groves, together with the incredible seascape, draw our guests back year after year.

A week literally melts even deep-rooted stress, soothes and invigorates. The retreat is suitable for you when you need a great holiday as well as gaining a knowledge of your own body, flexibility, posture and relaxation.

The week is exercise-oriented, cleansing and a renewal of your body. The combination of the three Method Putkisto programs, together with nutritious and tasty food, rest and laughter, will recharge your mind and body with new energy.

If you really wish to experience what it means to be holistic, come to the Method Putkisto Dionysos retreat.


Imagine practising in these surroundings?

The Dionysos blends in with its surroundings, allowing the eye to rest far into the seas of Kumlubük. A private beach is a delightful experience, not for the masses but for you as an individual.

After all, having fun is enough for a holiday, but when you get to know your own body better, the feeling of well-being increases. It opens hearts and encourages creativity towards something new.

Come with us and enjoy!

Love, Marja x


"The philosophy of the place, and the incredible magnificence of the landscape, offer the body and mind what an environment built with human power cannot do."

''The most important thing for me is the beauty and simplicity of Dionysos. A great program helps me disconnect from everyday life and focus on myself.''

Enjoy the wonders of Dionysos

Method Putkisto has been in partnership with the Dionysos since 2003. The Dionysos has been elevated to the top 20 holiday makers for the BBC. Method Putkisto & The Dionysos has been featured in numerous magazines (e.g. Harper's Bazaar, The Times, The Guardian, Fitness). It is here that Marja and Method Putkisto have already met hundreds of happy guests. The holiday has been called perfect and some of our clients are still with us.

The atmosphere is relaxing and intimate. The founders and owners of Dionysos, Ahmet and Rim, invite us as their guests to share their dream, which has become a way of life for them.

In the evening, the guests gather together and wonderful music surrounds the place. How enjoyable it is to rest in front of a landscape that words cannot describe!


Delicious food

The pride of The Dionysos is its food from the kitchen of an award-winning top chef. The special menu serves every aspect of modern & traditional Turkish cuisine,

  • The Dionysos' own farm is charming with its crops and domestic animals.

  • The Dionysos' new wine farm has been producing its own wine since 2011. You are welcome to pick the fruit directly from the trees.

  • Don't forget to taste the Dionysos' watermelon and pomegranates – an unforgettable experience!

  • The Dionysos produces award-winning extra virgin olive oil.

Our favourites:

  • A week of wheat

  • Organic, top-quality olive oil is the pride of The Dionysos' own olive press and it maintains the skin's softness and moisture balance

  • Plenty of organic, grilled vegetables.

  • Chocolate pot pudding to die for!

Learn about the course here Monday 30th September - Sunday 6th October 2024

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