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Mindful moves free you from back pain

Updated: Mar 29

Method Putkisto frees you from back pain

Are we talking about back pain or mental well-being?

Back pain is no doubt the biggest cost of absenteeism from work. As people are now working at home we really, both physically and financially, are facing the bottom line!

There are large number of people afflicted by pain but who also use treatments such as physiotherapy, pilates, massage, osteopathy and yoga meditation - and yet are tired. What is it? And why?

Is it all in the mind? It is, for sure, that the way we think shows in your posture; the way you carry yourself and the way you move.

The most common reason for your bad back is your posture. Slouching and a hunch position certainly do not help to alleviate strain from the discs.

What should I do then? Could less be more?

Self awareness, getting to know your body, being able to feel and sense are ways to feel well.

Yoga has increased the appreciation towards stretching and mindful exercising.

When you hold your breath, you also hold your life. This is why exercising alone is often not enough. It is about what we do but, more importantly, how we do it - with all this resulting in the way we are.

Free spirits are also often free in their body!

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