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  • Fire Up Independent online course - Recuperate in 5 weeks

Fire Up Independent online course - Recuperate in 5 weeks


Do you wish to learn new things and hone your recovery skills?


Take part and get this course at a super price. Overcome fatigue and capture the keys to recovery from work and everyday life.


Included in the course:

  • 5 exercises per week, 25 exercises in total

  • 6 x Marja's sessions recordings

  • An energy chart to verify your progress

  • A chance to explore the programme and experience its impact before anyone else. Your feedback will influence the development of the programme.

  • The online course will be available for your use until the end of 2025

    • You will receive an email with instructions how to access the material


Come and feel free to move and re-energised!


Questions? Please send an email to


Are you interested in the art of recovery as a profession?

Find out more >>



Payment Methods in our online store:

You can make payments with us using both PayPal and bank or credit cards.

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