Summer Workshop Packages

’’Only now have I come to understand why it is important to first tune our sensory system. This is what we will focus on every morning and discover the effects to our motor skills."


Set your exercise place

Online is now the new normal. Make sure your device is set for the exercise sessions. Prepare your dietary plan 

Set your exercise place

Prepare your equipment **

**We can supply you with a special
Home Exercise pack:


Small ball 

Soft ball

Spikely balls x 2

MP Bloggeli

MP Wobbeli

MP Band

MP Keppeli

Get the best results with these

FIN  356 € 
(normal 467 € + postage)

UK  £305 
(normal £413 + postage)

2. Skin Care Package
176 € 

(norm. 187 €)

Facial Cleansing Gel

Moisturising facial cleansing gel with Finnish birch sap for daily use for all skin types. The scent of the pure Finnish forest with a Birch bark extract. 


Facial Toner

Moisturising and balancing facial toner with flowers of rose, milfoil and red clover. Prebiotics maintain the skin’s natural protection. 


Peeling Mask

Rich nourishing and peeling mask with Finnish Sea Buckthorn and Honey. Brightens and softens the skin effectively.



Natural Skincare From Finland

1. Cleansing packages
93 € 

norm. 113 €

Beauty Serum  

Antioxidant-rich rejuvenating serum with Vitamin C, E, panthenol, hyaluronic acid, red clover, soothing oat extract and silicon of horsetail extract. Smoothes the skin immediately. Delicate scent of rose. 


Anti-ageing Serum

Luxurious oil serum with nourishing and anti-aging sea buckthorn seed oil and organic rapeseed oil. Retinyl palmitate rejuvenates effectively the aging skin. With an elegant scent of Juniper berry. 


Moisturising Face Cream

Radiance face, neck and eye cream full of powerful Finnish berries! Antioxidants and rich vitamins of blueberry extract and raspberry leaf extract renew and protect the mixed skin. Raspberry seed oil and blackcurrant seed oil maintains the skin’s moisture balance.  


Cleansing and

Skin Care Packages together
269 € 

Plus delivery:

UK 20 €/FIN 10 €

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