by Marja Putkisto

Three steps to well-being

 The break is structured into three parts: 

  • Orientation (UK times BST)

Sun 4.7. at 3.00 - 3.30 PM  

Sun 11.7. at 3.00 - 3.30 PM

Sun 18.7. at 3.00 - 3.30 PM  

  • Intensive practice

Sun 25.7. -  Thu 29.7. / LIVE online

  • Reflection (UK times BST)

Sun 1.8. at 3.00 - 3.30 PM 

Sun 8.8. at 3.00 - 3.30 PM 

Sun 15.8. at 3.00 - 3.30 PM  

Let's energise together this summer!

Wellness workshop for BODY & FACE

Are you ready to

Shape your Body, Lift your Face & Clear your Mind?

Enjoy this 5 day journey with Marja`s unique blend of exercise to feel free, refreshed and energised. 

Feel the benefits in your body! 

Enjoy with us:

  • Stretching to elongate and gain flexibility.

  • Strengthening to stabilise and strengthen your spine.

  • Breathing to lift your posture and revitalise your metabolism.

  • Walking to reconnect your sensory system for deeper well-being.

  • Rhythm - retime your body. This is the real secret to WELL-BEING and, with no doubt, this is where Marja is a master of taking every single individual further.

This Break is a wonderful way to travel virtually

Join us to feel the atmosphere and share the unique Finnish spirit through this Finnish bodywork/exercise method. 


We will bring you the sights and sounds to your home, as this year the break will be online. This allows you to participate from wherever you are!

Who is this suitable for?

The break is suitable for all levels of fitness, all ages and for both men and women.

Favourite wellness workshop since 2000

Marja Putkisto, the creator of Method Putkisto debuted this course in 2000 and, ever since, this break has encouraged people all around Europe to enjoy and understand their bodies better.  

“ Dear Friends, please join me to receive the wellness ‘shot’ of the year.  This workshop has become much more than exercising. First it offers a simply ‘feel good’ factor for your body. But, for me, it is to see how this time empowers everyone's creativity, converts stress to resilience and shows ways to renew yourself. It’s such a joy to welcome you to make this year - once again - a memory we will never forget! See you onIine!


  • You can participate no matter where you are located. 

  • Exercises can be performed both outside and inside. Just take your mat and go outdoors, if you wish!

  • Recordings will be provided for walking sessions per day, which you can listen to wherever you are. 

  • Sessions are performed sitting, standing and lying down.  A yoga mat, a resistance band and a gym ball are highly recommended and can all be found in our shop.
    Please contact our office here

We are online!

"This break is great way of getting in touch with yourself: rejuvenate your spirit for the new era".

"This is my third year and each year this becomes more inspiring.”

"The best way to have a holiday at home with your own body and, yet, together with a wonderful group of people (yes even online!)’’

‘’ A great way to improve your body shape and everyday life.’’

‘’ To my total surprise, this was one of the best workshops I have ever experienced. I have taken part in these workshops for many years and this online experience was far more than I ever expected. I was able to use all the energy to myself. Although I miss the lovely participants the intensity was deeper and the atmosphere was equally energising.‘’ Tuija


"Positivity and a more aware body"

Marja has a great team of assistant instructors who will be there to help and support you throughout the whole of your journey. 


Your personal assistant 

There will also be our students providing extra sessions for you to enjoy. These are all optional and a great way to learn more. 


They also will be providing you with personal assistance. You will be allocated your personal assistant instructor to reflect your development or simply to keep in touch with you. 


Guest Instructors

  • Ulla Pesola - owner of a Method Putkisto Studio in Finland and one of our teachers from within our Institute. Ulla has a sharp mind and sense of wisdom.

  • Louise Curwen – with over 20 years of Method Putkisto experience. 

  • Lilian Bent – an experienced UK Method Putkisto Instructor with great skills of analysing.

  • Meredith White – UK Method Putkisto instructor and teacher, pianist and singer, with a great groove.

  • Francis Mitchell – providing great tips for getting the most from our walks.

Marja’s Instructor Team at your service

Timetable for the week

Please see the timetable for the week here. All times are in English times BST.

This is what you will get

  • Five popular Method Putkisto Programmes directed by Marja Putkisto and her assistants:

    • MP Stretching  

    • Face Clinic  

    • Light Programme

    • Body Up

    • Walking Skills

  • A total of 23 hours of practise.

  • Recordings from key sessions for up to 3 months.

  • A personal assistant

  • Access to Marja`s Club Page. 

    • Material supporting the exercises

  • Measurements at the beginning and end – analysis.

  • Music supporting the week.

  • Disco.

  • Equipment PACK offer - 25% off voucher: on board, mats, balls, Keppeli, Wobbeli, bands

Meet your team

Your main guide for your journey will be Marja Putkisto. The creator and director of the Finnish wellness brand and stretching technique called Method Putkisto. With over 30 years of experience she has great insight into what people need and how to promote their individual journey towards optimum well-being.


She offers her intuitive, mindful and sensitive teaching to find ways to have a deeper connection to one’s body. Her understanding of the body and her unique approach allows you to regain a feeling of wholeness, freedom and coordination.


The early bird price is now valid until 30.06.2021! Due to your wishes, we have extended this offer. Receive an early bird offer of £432 with a saving of £133, normal prices are £565


'Couple' bookings are also available at a friendly discount. If both bookings are made at the same time, the ALL-TIME 'couple' course price is £735. A saving of £395 on 2 x normal single price. 

Sessions can be made in three parts. Contact Jackie at regarding an invoice.


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