Marja Putkisto reboot classes online


8 video course

Exercise to look, feel and be our healthiest best.

Enjoy our breathing become easier, your shoulders will be more relaxed, and your head, neck and spine will become  beautifully aligned.

Have you sometimes lose interest before you see the results you crave?

Did you think that you may have failed to master the correct technique?

Did you knew – it’s not your muscles that get tired. It’s your brain!

Activate your brain and spine connection – and feel amazing!

This is what Method Putkisto offers: the opportunity to get in touch with your body in a way you will love your body ‘from inside out’!


These 8 video session offer you a way to see how with correct effort you can learn to boost your spine and energy levels and top up your shape. 

Method Putkisto for body and mind
Reboot your spine & mind
£39 inc. VAT​
 VIDEO SET 1 - 4 videos

Clear your head and spine, working from inside out

Week 1

Connect your brain and spine.  Discover deeper, easier breathing, relaxed shoulders, and restful, elegant spinal alignment.

Know your limits. Understand how far you can push your mobility, and when you can safely push it further. 

Week 2

Feel free. Improve your coordination, balance and motor skills.

 VIDEO SET 2 - 4 videos

Discover style and strength from within

Week 3

Move your body. Optimise your body’s movements and discover where changes need to be made.


Feel the strength from the top to toes, to experience the tension and distances to reboot your brain (and spine).

 "When we use more time to connect the brain and the spine, all the results will improve. This would be the way so there is no need to look, but instead relax into yourself and connect."



"First time in decades I really am able to hold your head up high!"

Elina, client

Experience Marjas 3D Method Putkisto system and the power of visualisation to feel free to and build the activity around your core.  

First just look and listen, then relax into yourself and connect. Results will improve.

No previous experience is required. Perfect for anyone for whom a fit and toned body feels like a distant memory, or for whom a once enjoyable exercise routine has lost its magic.

Ease up your joints and spine with Method Putkisto