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Designed for deep recovery

The body needs constant maintenance. Stress can be invisible. As it is something we all need to manage, why not do this in the most enjoyable way possible.


You will learn new tools to manage your stress, how to rejuvenate every day, within our busy lives. 

Each day of the course you will discover a new element related to our body's stress mechanism and recovery process. You will work on balancing your personal rhythm, leading you to a new level of well being. 


This programme resets your body from within, beyond the surface, leaving you relaxed. Aches and pains disappear, the mind feels clear and all your muscles are invigorated - all long lasting effects.

Treat yourself with all this

  • Relaxation - to remove the brain fog and to improve our facial muscles

  • Stretching - to balance our body and mind

  • Core strengthening - to improve our immune system


You will learn how significant recovery is for our health, body shape, and energy. 

You will gain

  • Clearer mind  

  • Boosted metabolism

  • Lighter and stronger body 

  • Flexibility, agility and improved balance 

How does the course progress?

A strong and flexible and relaxed body is the real gift for life!

All exercises, both indoors and outdoors are carefully chosen, blended and designed to create the best results. Throughout the week we will also enjoy great music for our warm up moments. 

“For me, Marja and Francis’ stylish and unique selection of music is just top-notch. It’s so enjoyable, it supports training, concentration, feeling and energising.”

The week begins

You will be welcomed with drinks and all of us and then settle into your room. 

We will explore the relaxing landscape on a small tour followed by a lovely dinner together.

Each day begins with a morning Nordic walk with Francis. These fresh and brisk morning walks will energise you. The enthusiasts will carry on with a swim in the lake.


After the breakfast there will be a session by assistants to warm up.

Marja opens the day with 'top to toe' exercises sessions one element at a time. Afternoons  face exercise sessions you will not only beautify the face by clearing your mind.  Late afternoon light sessions are  deeply relaxing and energising. 

We will move into deeper breathing, gentle rotation movements to correct and mobilise the back. 

Energy begins to flow through the spine and a sense of relaxation deepens. Core is now active. 

The face will be lifted and the skin will be firmer!

Evening programme

We have Alison’s famous Quiz evening and enjoying the summer evening.


We also treat ourselves to Francis’ Disco evening with all dancing styles appreciated.  

A detailed timetable will be given after booking

Who is this suitable for?

For those of you who wish to improve your posture, flexibility, strength and feel well and more energetic. For those who wish to balance their body.


Come either alone or with a friend or partner.

What is included?

  • Marja Putkisto's training

  • Including a total of approx. 25h of training:

    • Marja's sessions

    • Morning sessions for assistants

    • Walking sessions

  • Equipment on site

  • Welcome drink

  • Personal assistance

  • Initial and final measurements and descriptions, analysis

  • Evening programme

You can book massages and Marja`s private sessions at an additional cost. More information >>

​Accommodation is booked separately with Vanajanlinna. More information >>

Want to participate online? Enquire us at:

Massages, treatments and private lessons to support your results


Together, we become skilled 

team of carers. You can choose from a range of classic massages. You will be informed about the treatments and how to book them after you have registered.


When you pre-book your treatments, we will invoice you for the final payment.

You have the opportunity to book more treatments on the day at Vanajanlinna.


Method Putkisto - private lessons

You can book a private session with Marja or an instructor from the MP team for an additional fee. 

This is an invitation to our much-loved summer break to the Happiest Country in the world, Finland. Fresh air, clean lakes, light summer nights and divine nourishing food is what we have been waiting for. 

Our 25 year old retreat offers you a unique programme relieving stress from within. It is designed to improve your flexibility, core strength, body shape and overall balance of the body & mind. 

What do our clients say about this course?

"An incredible amount happens in one week. The process gets deeper day by day. Afterwards, you're completely exhausted but refreshed and renewed, and the feeling lasts well into the autumn. The best part is the feeling that follows after Marja's week of intensive guidance!"

"This is my third year and so probably the pattern of each day is now familiar. So each year becomes almost a complete picture to take home. I`ve got positivity and a more aware body"

‘’ A great way to improve your body shape and everyday life.’’

Accommodation prices and reservations

Accommodation is booked separately from Vanajanlinna. You will receive a Vanajanlinna booking code in your inbox when you have paid the deposit.


  • 5 nights

  • 5 breakfast

  • 4 lunches

  • 5 dinners

  • Refreshments

Standard rooms: 1138 € /single room or 938 € /double room
Superior rooms: 1238 € / single room or 988 € / double or twin room/night

Club Suites: 1488 € / single room or 1988 € / twin room/night

Hotel Vanajanlinna

Vanajanlinnantie 476

13330 Harviala Hämeenlinna

Puh. 0300 870577

Enjoy the stunning setting

Vanajanlinna (built in 1924) is a magnificent hunting lodge in the heart of Kanta Häme. The movement in the castle is created by the light and its clean air. The spirit of the space is created by the people and their mutual energy. The castle is part of a story of a century of glamour and splendour on the banks of the Katumajärvi. The castle has been appreciated by lovers of quality, beauty and the good life, from Marshal Mannerheim to President Svinhufvud. It is a place of relaxation and peace.


The atmosphere of the castle is a rarity. It is reportedly the only one in Finland to have been built at the beginning of the century to meet people. It is a place to recharge, where Finland's leaders have made wise decisions.


May it be a place for us too, where we can sense the atmosphere of the past and draw from it energy and support for the future. 


Our training venue is the castle's atmospheric ballroom. The hall is located at the end of a corridor.  It has beautiful light and the lake view from the windows. 

You will be provided with all the necessary equipment on site.


Dining room & bar

The dining room of the castle exudes a rare sense of glamour from a period era. There we enjoy delicious traditional Scandinavian flavours prepared with the best possible ingredients.



A beautiful lake view opens up in front of you and the lakeside sauna pier is at your disposal. Take a dip in the refreshing Katumajärve, perhaps even in between classes.


You will be will be invoiced after registering

Price includes 400€ course deposit

Club member's price: 840€


"I trust a person’s abilities more than often my own. I have the basis for this and that is the part of my work that inspires me.  As confidence moves into our body and mind, it brightens our personality."

Vanajanlinna welcomes you

András Pummer, Hotel Manager, greets you with open arms!

Marja explains in this video why this course is the highlight of the summer and what is the most essential thing for wellbeing.

Why is this the highlight of the summer?

Body & Mind wellbeing summer retreat, in Finland

The project is You! Designed and taught by Marja Putkisto

Book your place now

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Nordic nature and beauty 

Finland's summer is a magic with its long days and mild weather, clean fresh air and water.

One of the best things about summer in Finland is the abundance of daylight. In midsummer, the sun never fully sets in the northernmost parts of the country, creating the famous "Midnight Sun" phenomenon. Even in southern Finland, the days are long, with up to 19 hours of daylight at the peak of the season. Overall, Finland's summer offers endless possibilities for outdoor adventure.

Cancellation Policy

Booking fee is non-refundable.


Refund of the balancing payment: no later than 12 weeks before workshop date

50% refund of the balancing payment: 8 - 11 weeks before workshop date


No refunds after this period. We reserve the right to make changes.

If you wish to pay for your summer course in several instalments, please contact



If the COVID pandemic situation requires it, we reserve the right to change the workshop to be held online. In this case, the final price of the course will be confirmed after the decision.

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