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Focusing  just on you

Marja guides you away from stiffness to flexibility and fatigue into strength. Experience how Marja guides you to stretch further, challenge your body, reach a deeper level of well-being and ultimately feel at ease and free. 


Marja’s speciality is delivering her knowledge and turning it into skills for you


‘’I am there to teach you how to manage your body so well that you feel confident and free to focus on those most important things in your life.’’ Marja

Method Putkisto well-being


Five pre-paid 1:1 sessions

60 minutes



One 1:1 session

60 minutes



Ten pre-paid 1:1 sessions

60 minutes


I recommend the individual sessions as that is when I really achieve and understand more. 

Long term client

It works on the questions that physios do but in an expressive and creative way.


Client for 20 years

Marja is a warm, encouraging and intuitive teacher - a true master of her method. The process has improved my self-confidence, my body shape and has built a sense of self and feeling of empowerment.

Long term client

Client reviews

Choose between

Marja is known for her skill to encourage your own creativity and personality to reach more. She is a master of choosing exercises and progression to take you further in an enjoyable way. 

Private sessions with Marja

Come and join 1:1 sessions with Marja online or in the Studio

This is how the sessions progress:

Marja will assist you through precise stretching and uses hands-on techniques. The process involves you to elongate the short muscles and realign your body to move freely. 


 Session 1 - When we first meet you begin your journey to get to assess your needs. We will go through some stretches. 


Session 2 - Time to further the stretches. 


Session 3 -Time to deepen your breathing and reposition your posture. 


Session 4 - Time to focus on the core strength  


Session 5 - Time to engage your pelvic floor and support your deep neck muscles         


Session 6 - Time to pull it all together; this integration is what Marja's Method is all about, the overall balance of the body 

You are welcome to continue your journey after these six sessions or enjoy just a drop in session.

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