Why choose this?

Are you finding it difficult to get the hang of body work?

Despite exercising, is your stomach not flattening?

Do you feel exercises do not reach deep enough?

Individual sessions are the way to a whole new level of well-being and energy.
Challenge your body and reach a deeper level of well-being and ultimately feel at ease and free.

Marja offers her 35 years of experience to teach you skills, understanding and ways to overcome structural or functional problems of your body.

Marja is known for her skill to encourage your own creativity and personality to reach more. She is a master of choosing exercises and progression to take you further in an enjoyable way. 

Marja Putkisto

Enjoy privacy?

This is focused time only for you. Designed for your body and structure.

Feeling stressed?

Aches, pains and fatigue are part of your life.

Wish to go further?

You have tried everything, but nothing seems to go deep enough.

When to choose a 1 : 1

It works on the questions that physios do but in an expressive and creative way.


Client for 20 years

I recommend the individual sessions as that is when I really achieve and understand more. 

Long term client

Marja is a warm, encouraging and intuitive teacher - a true master of her method. The process has improved my self confidence, my body shape and has built a sense of self and feeling of empowerment.

Long term client

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Enjoy a private session with Marja

Come and join individual sessions with Marja online or in the Studio.