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Face Up instructor training

Starts Saturday 20th July 2024

Would you like to teach face exercises and skills to beautify naturally ?

Learn popular nordic Method Putkisto's Face UP programme.

Training visibly improves appearance and posture.

Learn skills to work as a Method Putkisto 3D Face Clinic instructor both face-to-face and online, specializes in classic FACE courses. Learn how to teach groups and offer individual guidance or weekly practice  for various customers and organizations.

Study to become a - Nordic style - Recovery Coach

Join us on Sunday 26th May 2024 at 17:00- 17:30 BST

FREE online event

Does business and well-being inspire you? Come, listen, and experience – study to become a Recovery Coach.

The event will feature the renowned Marja Putkisto live, offering invaluable insights into the world of Recovery Coaching. Register now to secure your spot!

Don't miss this opportunity to explore a rewarding career.

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We will educate you to become a Method Putkisto Face Clinic instructor

Who is this for?

This training is for you who values well-being.

This training is for you if you are looking for a new career, wish to add a new service for your clients or to expand your business. Training can be offered online or face-to-face. Earn a second income whilst sharing the skills and knowledge of facial exercising.

This training does not require previous experience in the field of well-being or a background in physical education. The training is also suitable purely for self-development

Duration and progression

Education is a multi-modal study. It includes both local and distance learning days. The training is deepened by monitoring with a work supervisor, learning through one's own body (= own training), observation and assistance classes, and practice classes offered to customers.

  • The training lasts about a year.

  • It includes independent work, personal tutoring and small group training.

  • In job guidance, we help you transfer knowledge and skills into practice, hand in hand.

  • The student's online courses work as support for their own training together with personal tutoring sessions.

You will learn

  • The MP Face Up Programme - as a service product and for your own beautification

  • MP Face Up exercise skills

  • The structuring of classes and courses offered to clients

  • The principles and elements of Method Putkisto

  • Mastery of terminology

  • Methods of setting goals and measuring results

  • Method Putkisto's repertoire of classic face exercises

  • Posture exercises that relieve tension in the neck and shoulder area

  • Neck lump removal exercises

  • Exercises that strengthen neck support

  • Exercises that increase the mobility of the thoracic spine

  • Focused exercises: skin glow, bite problems, tired eyes, office beauty

  • Expression and voice exercises that improve voice formation

  • The skill of online instructing

  • Tools for starting/expanding business


The training will take place as a hybrid, ie. online and/or on-site. Physical Method Putkisto training location is at our London studio.

The new opportunity to participate in training remotely has been particularly well received.

"The beautification of the face with the help of the facial clinic was like permission to move forward, permission to be me. The best thing is still feeling good and the fact that I now feel at home behind my face." Maiju Helin

"Facial clinic instructor training integrates the face and head area into the whole body - we don't just 'jump' the face. The 3D system enables precise working of the mill. This makes studying and directing it so interesting and impressive." Jonna Tallinen

“Through the training, my expression opened up, the gnawing decreased and the biting muscles relaxed and the tension in the neck and shoulder area melted away. Now I get to guide people to experience the same. This is a wonderful job!"  Anu Pääkkö

Client reviews

Your teachers

Our inspiring team of teachers deals with the subject in a versatile way from different perspectives,  equipping you in the best possible way for the work of a director. Tutoring is an essential and important part of our training, which helps you concretely transfer the knowledge and skills you have learned into practice.

Marja Putkisto

(MP), physical education teacher, body management expert, developer of the Method Putkisto, director and main trainer of the MP Institute

Ulla Pesola

(UP), MP Diploma instructor, MPHL, MPKK, MPP, MPP device, MPKO, MP Body Up and ITR instructor, trainer.

Pirjo Jokipii

(PJ), Method Putkisto Business and entrepreneur trainer MP Diploma trainer, MPKK, MP Body Up, MPITR trainer.

Anna Maria Pääkkö

Business trainer, MP Diploma instructor, MPP, MP Body Up, MPITR, MPKO, MPKK, MPHL instructor

In addition:

Satu Silvo

Actor, expression expert, presence coach, entrepreneur, Method Putkisto director student.


Begins Saturday 20th July 2024



Registration fee £600

Balance in monthly installments 12 x £150

Price for MP instructors:


Registration fee £600

Balance in monthly installments 12 x £100

Double training Face UP + FIRE UP (SAVE £250)

£ 4,550

Want to find out more

  • Download infopack >>

  • A warm welcome to our open house event where you can hear more information about the training that we offer and ask any questions. Sign in here >>

  • Give us a call at xxxx or email us at xxxx. This does not commit you to anything yet.

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