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Marja Putkisto: The woman behind the Method

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Harness the power of movement and discover your body’s true potential with Marja’s unique programme of posture, stretching and breath work.

Marja is telling her story.

I wanted to offer everyone the tools on how to feel free to move whatever happens in one's life and to maintain this freedom throughout life.

Method Putkisto is simply a method dedicated to getting to know one's own body through stretching and the very basics of movements.

I developed Method Putkisto to find a way to get back up on my feet. Method Putkisto is the solution to my deeply related problems which literally forced me to my knees. The only way out was to face reality and go deeper into my body.

I realised that if I wanted to be pain free, there would not be a day in my life that I could go without correcting and aligning my body. Having accepted this reality I was ready to work on my body. Even that was not enough but I needed to understand more and find an answer for such an obvious question as ‘what is movement’.

The core of the method lies in a deep stretching technique, but over the years it has developed to a complete method aiming for overall balance of the body, independence, freedom of movement, expression and aesthetics.

The root of my problems reached back to my early childhood. This is why I needed to reach deeper and open up the blind spots of my body. This is now the very essence of the method. Now I believe that this is what everyone should have an opportunity to explore.

Whilst the core of METHOD PUTKISTO remains the same, each of its programmes is a solution to a particular problem in the body and its connections and thus activates a new level of body/movement awareness.

What is it?

Although the core work is around stretching and strengthening the way the Method is used to offer a way to implant a new ‘body language’, working at a level of deeper muscle memory and permanently changing the way you use your body.

Method Putkisto includes six specialised techniques/programmes. Each of them has a unique set of simple exercises. They all offer you better balance, agility, mobility, flexibility and core strength and, when used regularly, they will improve the way you move and carry your body. We are aiming towards better ‘life-sustaining’ posture. Each program takes you a step further - interconnecting and exploiting the potential of your individual structure.

Does it work?

For over thirty years Method Putkisto has proven how anyone can become a body-aware and skillful mover.

The Method itself is simple, practical and logical. It promises gaining new body awareness and lifting one’s self confidence. It has been praised by its hundreds of thousands of users from all age groups and all walks of life, used from rehabilitation to assisting people to stay strong in their everyday life.

‘’My biggest achievement has been to be able to rebuild my early, deeper muscle memory and essential missing motor skills at a later age. This is what Method Putkisto is about. Also, when you have already reached further in your skill level, it can be extremely rewarding to return to the very basics, but from a new perspective. That is why the method is a popular body conditioning method for top athletes and dancers but equally appreciated as a rehabilitation method. It really is mentally and physically rewarding and suitable for anyone and everyone.’’

Method Putkisto comes into its own when life is overwhelmingly stressful, work is exhausting or worries take over your mind and body. It has shown to help when in those “I’ve tried everything and nothing works" situations.

What is it aiming for?

‘’I believe everyone should get to know their body and learn the very basics of how to achieve their optimum muscle balance.’’

‘’I would like to invite everyone to fight against "posture erosion’’ equivalent to any other kind of erosion. It alleviates both physical and emotional stagnation. (This all became acutely relevant during this time of Covid). If succeeded there is no need to motivate, instead an ‘inbuilt need’ drives us to align and correct our posture every day. This should become a natural part of everyone’s life, just like brushing our teeth twice a day. ‘’

What are the best results?

Enthusiasm ignites development and "a light bulb moment" of creativity.

As you learn the Method, it follows you into your everyday life. The results you will see are not only an improved body shape, but also in the way you move and how you feel about yourself.

‘’I find myself repeating the mission: freedom of movement and independence - to all ages and fitness levels, women, men and young people and even children.’’

There is so much more we all can do beyond healthy diet and traditional exercising. Often the longest stretch is from thinking to doing. I keep on working on the Method everyday and feel very privileged, honoured and inspired to help people to feel better. I am proud to know that the thinking behind Method Putkisto helps people to take responsibility for one’s own body, resulting in a better quality of life". Marja Putkisto


  • Marja Putkisto is a movement and body work specialist, innovator and developer of this unique BODY & FACE work. The origin of the Method was formulated by Marja in the 1980s whilst working at the Finnish National Opera house with their performers and also at the Sibelius Academy of Music. She worked with a group of future musicians exploring music and movement.

  • Today Method Putkisto is a Finnish Classic Body Method developed to help to get to know your body.

  • Out of Marjas 18 books published, her first was published in 1996 by Headlines and her latest in 2021 in Finland by Docendo.

  • Method Putkisto Institute was established in 1993. Today it is an international BODY & FACE instructor training school. It offers instructor training to all the six Method Putkisto programmes each with specific targets and exercise regimes.

  • From 2020 training reverted to a digital format and from 2022 the Method Putkisto Institute offers training globally, from which Method Putkisto Original/Deep stretching Instructor and Method Putkisto Face Instructor programmes are the most popular.

‘’In 2022 our oldest instructors are in their eighties and the youngest are in their twenties. Seeing how they work together is also a great reward.’’

Get to know some simple yet efficient exercises by Marja. SEE OUR SHOP for our latest videos.

Marja is now available for the first time in 30 years through ONLINE courses and teaching for everyone to enjoy. Our next 6 week courses start Monday 28th February. Discover more HERE

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