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Nordic stretching courses & exercise sessions in London

Method Putkisto is an innovative and precise method of deep stretching, strengthening & breathing. This enables you to achieve in-depth improvements in your body shape and well-being.


The regime is accompanied by a Natural Face Clinic, specialised in face lifting exercise regimes not only improving the looks but also improving the brain fog (neuro-plasticity of the brain). From the first session, you'll be able to feel the difference with an improvement in your body shape, sleep quality, balance and stress levels. 

Learn more about our services below, or contact us today. 

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Don't let the darkness consume your energy!
Clear exhaustion, refresh, beautify and empower with our super online courses.

Offers valid until midnight tonight 2023

Give the gift of beauty and well-being

The New Year is a great time to start training with a friend.


Gift offers for friends are valid until Sunday 7.1.2024.

NEW Refreshing sleep - targeted course

Monday 11th - Friday 15th December 2023

Sleep is like a factory of creative solutions. Undoubtedly, sleep enhances creativity and helps us see things from new perspectives. You'll feel lighter in your body upon waking and have more energy throughout the day. Join now from the comfort from your own bed!



  • An online programme & support material

  • A live session with Marja Putkisto on Tuesday 12th December at 17:00 - 17:45 GMT

  • Video exercises for home practice. You will only need 10mins of practice per day

More info >>

Super Kick Start to 2024

Begin the new year refreshed and rebooted! Take a look at our upcoming events & online courses.

  • New Year's Wellbeing Boost: Chat & Live online session

  • Refreshing sleep - targeted course 

  • From a double chin to a defined jawline - targeted course

New Year's Wellbeing Boost: chat & online live session

Wednesday 27th December 2023 at 18.00-19:45 GMT

Start 2024 with an energising boost! You can register for either one or both events.


This is a 2-part online event:

  1. Body, Mind & You - Chat: Listen & get inspired 18:00-18:30 GMT  Join for FREE >>

  2. Body, Mind & You - Online live session: Relax & energise 18:45-19:45 GMT  Join for only £20  >>

Please note that the online live session is free of charge for Club Members.

Begin your practice here

Online courses 

We have a wide range of online exercise options to relieve your pains, aches and improve overall wellbeing.

Private Sessions with Marja

Experience how Marja can guide you to stretch further, challenge your body, reach a deeper level of well-being and ultimately feel at ease and free.

Weekly sessions

Marja's Club: Holistic exercising that provides long-term solutions for all types of pains or problems. Resulting in feeling free, confident & energised. 

Upcoming FREE events

Sunday 8th September - Sunday 13th October 2024


Is your mind tired, does your back ache? Do you feel like you have more potential? Are you interested in well-being even under strain?

If your answer to these questions is yes, this program and online course is for you. You can feel well under life's pressures.

Overcome fatigue, and learn new ways to recover from work.

Combat daily fatigue and stress

Body Lean & Lifted  – Dionysos, Turkey

Monday 30th September - Sunday 6th October 2024

Marja Putkisto offers the opportunity to take time for yourself and leave stress behind. This is the time for your well-being. 

Discover more>>

International summer course - Finland 


Sunday 21st to Friday 26th July 2024 

Experience the legendary international Body & Mind workshop led by Marja Putkisto. Recover, strengthen, flex and energise in a great international atmosphere.

Discover more>>

Well-being workshops & retreats 2024

Become a Stress Recovery coach

Starts Saturday 7th September 2024


Anyone can experience burnout. Exhaustion is the epidemic of our time. 

It's time to intervene! Earn a second income whilst helping people's wellbeing and build better habits for every day life. More info >>

Targeted courses: Simple solutions for daily problems

Eye strain

When your eyes are tired, your whole body is tired. Not to mention those under-eye bags!

Discover more >>

Sore lower back 

Back pain can be caused by poor posture or muscle imbalance. Stretching and the right exercises can help. 

Discover more >>

Double chin removal

We can recommend a range of exercises and stretches to relieve your pains and aches and improve wellbeing.

Discover more >>

Tense neck & shoulders

Neck pain can alter the appearance and face. Stretching paired with facial exercises can relieve the pressure. 

Discover more >>

Saggy cheeks & lips

The muscles of the cheeks and lips express our emotions. Overcome subconscious habits that result in narrowing the lips. 

Discover more >>


Read More

Headaches can be caused by a range of factors, such as stress or illness. Discover our methods to help with the pain. 

Fragile ankles

The way you use your legs, feet, ankles and calves affects the whole body.  Calves are the motor for the moving body.

Discover more >> 

Pelvic Floor Exercises

Read More

Strengthening your pelvic floor can help to support your bladder and improve abdominal and back muscles. 

Flat stomach

When the pelvic muscles are weak, it results in the pelvis to tilt incorrectly. This makes it difficult to use the correct muscles to pull the stomach area into shape.

Discover more >> 

Firm up your waist

- 6 week body course

Starts Monday 24.04.2023

If stress becomes a chronic way of life, it starts to alter the body's endocrine system and metabolism.

Let's firm up your waist together!

Lift & beautify your face

- 6 week face course

Starts Monday 24.04.2023

Stress shows in our face and draws our facial features down. Any tension in the neck makes us tired and causes us brain fog. These sessions are deeply relaxing, improving your well-being.

Try for free or contact us

You can gain an insight into our services by using our free sample videos. Marja Putkisto demonstrates how the method can affect your body and face. 

Enjoy a 30 min Body video to alleviate tension and instantly feel well & a 30 min Face video, which includes five exercises to instantly lift your face.

Wish to know more?

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If you have any questions or if you would like to know more, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 


Telephone: 0208878 7384 

Mobile: 07770 441599


Do I need to have previous experience of Method Putkisto?

Not at all. The classes are suitable for anyone. Sample sessions are available should you wish to get an insight into how the method works. Discover more >>

Who are the sessions suitable for?

These classes are for you if you value a deep, core workout and if you want to trust your own body, feel and breathe freely. It is also for you who enjoy having a body in its best shape! The classes are suitable for you if you have no previous experience of Method Putkisto or if you are already familiar with the method.

Can I sign into both the 6 week Face and Body Modules at the same time?

Yes you can as the face and body sessions are separate sessions across the week. Alternatively, sign into Marja's Club to receive both 6-week modules for only £75/ month.

How do I access the sessions?

The sessions take place using the Zoom application. On signing in, you will receive detailed instructions and further information regarding the platform. 

I am still unsure. Where can I find more information or ask further questions?

You are welcome to email or visit here to contact us in your preferred method. 

'Goes deeper than Pilates' - Harpers

'Finnish yoga' - Times 

A Nordic exercise method to improve posture, flexibility and beauty

”When you are able to connect your body and mind together you will be able to make in depth improvements to your performance leading to a better quality of your life.”

All the things our method offers you

Our body conditioning exercises are designed to offer well-rounded and full physical fitness. 

Read More

Body Conditioning

Face Lift Exercise

Read More

Face lift exercises help the skin to appear younger by tightening the muscles in the face. 

Stress Management

Read More

Stress can cause physical and mental issues. Stretching, breathing and exercises can help to improve wellness.

Pelvic Floor Exercises

Read More

Strengthening your pelvic floor can help to support your bladder and improve abdominal and back muscles. 


Read More

Good posture encourages the alignment of your bones and joints, whilst improving confidence. 


Read More

Our pilates classes will help to increase your core strength and decrease back pains and aches. 


Read More

Yoga targets your flexibility and increases muscle strength and tone, improving your overall fitness.

Sports Recovery

Read More

Playing sports regularly can have a big impact on your muscles and body. We can help to relieve any pains. 

A Nordic body, face & mind stretching method

Experience the magic of the method. Come and feel free to move.

View online courses & video packages

Try for free

Enjoy a 30 min Body video to alleviate tension and instantly feel well & a 30 min Face video, which includes five exercises to instantly lift your face.

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Workshops & retreats

Take the time for yourself to reset & rejuvenate.

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Become a coach

Time for a change in career? Earn a second income whilst helping people's wellbeing.

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