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Do you need more energy? Does your posture need re-adjusting?​

Get supple and strong - feel free and light - move with ease and enjoy!

Method Putkisto Original

Method Putkisto is an innovative, precise method of deep stretching, strengthening and breathing, enabling you to achieve in-depth improvements in body shape.  This results in a greater freedom of movement, a sense of well-being and increased energy levels.

3D Natural Face Clinic

A unique approach to looking younger. It is an ultimate muscle balancing and energising technique for the face, upper body; head, neck and jaw alignment. It is suitable for everyone and should be used by anyone who is using digital gadgets.

Light Programme

This programme activates the body's recovery mechanism, refreshes the stressed body, removes swelling, refreshes and relaxes. During the sessions, you will experience how light can be more effective than power. Most of the exercises are done lying down.

Reach your goals with Method Putkisto

Dynamic posture, well-being, balance and freedom of movement! Method Putkisto is a unique, creative and inspirational way to develop great results for better posture, overall balance of your body and movement.

Body Up

Elevates the mind and body! – it is life changing! Body Up sessions raise the posture support in an entertaining way. The Method progresses through six levels - Look UP, Mind UP, Line UP, Pull Up, Double UP and Fire UP & Dance.

Method Putkisto Pilates

Marja Putkisto took Pilates further and developed it into MP Pilates. MP Pilates is more about the inner connections of the body. It is a finely tuned and individual way to perform Pilates and to achieve the full potential that Pilates offers.

Peak Performance

Body work to reach your optimum - and even ultimate performance. A dynamic way to relearn the way you move; either in everyday life or in more challenging performances such as sport & dance. I recommend it to everyone who is interested in moving well – throughout their life.


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“Method Putkisto is the most specialised stretching & core stability work I have ever experienced."


"As with all Marja's classes there is a little bit of magic, working on your face not only lifts and brings a sparkle, but it seems to rejuvenate your spirits too."


“With Method Putkisto, I strengthened my back and lifted my posture, but how it happened was amazing.”

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Enjoy overall balance of the body and freedom of movement!

Let’s exercise with the quality to be free!

Method Putkisto is a simple way to condition your body. In its essence its about stretching with skills on how to get stronger. This requires focus, preciseness and technique to do/perform the movements correctly and this is what Marja guides you to.

It is time to activate the deep muscles to support you and stabilise your joints for the superficial muscles to be able to move you. This is when it all becomes exciting; learn to control them to keep your body aligned. All this results in being able to move freely and at ease. 

Welcome to our sessions we will guide you in how to ‘listen’ to your body while following the exercise progressions.



Are you new to the Method?

A surprising journey awaits you.

Begin with our free starter.

Sessions online & studio

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Enjoy the progression with a series of sessions; from powerful body conditioning classes to uplifting face sessions.

Private sessions

For further results

This is an ideal way to explore, develop and understand more of your own structure and potential. 

Exclusive Breaks

Experience in-depth well-being


Give yourself a gift which will stay in your mind and body for a long time.

For you to choose from

Join Marja Putkisto online

Choose from these holistic courses to feel good and enjoy instant results

Strong and mobile Back

Starting Monday 1st March, 2021 

On this 6 weeks Spring term course Marja guides you with her revolutionary method from stiff back to a flexible and strong one.. The choice of lunch time and evening sessions provide you with right mood for the whole day. Deep stretching, breathing, grounding and mindfulness being parts of the method it has been called as Finnish yoga. Join to find out how it is even more.

Enjoy a private session with Marja

Come and join individual sessions with Marja online or in the Studio.

"Finnish Face Yoga"

"Way better than face massage"

An exercise approach to to improve your looks.  It is a technique to lift the face and upper body. These exercises are suitable for everyone and essential for those of us using digital devices. 


We call this Method Putkisto 3D Natural Face Clinic

Face Up Exercises

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Looking for a new profession?

30 min Face Up free taster session 

Facelift online

Every Saturday at 10am GMT

Join the introduction on Marja's  simple facial exercises which instantly make you feel and look better.


At the end of the session you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated.


Face Up Exercise Online Course

Lift your face and shine 

Sunday 14th February - Sunday 14th March 2021

Exercise your face to look and feel great! 

Enjoy this unique course of five sessions to lift, firm and refresh your face.

Marja's technique is deep reaching and yet a gentle way to achieve great results. FULLY BOOKED