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Recuperate in 5 weeks

Fire Up online course

Recuperate in 5 weeks - Fire Up online course

Recover from stress & eliminate exhaustion

Sunday 8.9. - Sunday 13.10.2024

Experience the 5 week Fire Up programme

Led by Marja Putkisto

This topic affects everyone. Is your mind tired, does your back ache? Do you feel like you have more potential? Are you interested in well-being even under strain?

If your answer to these questions is yes, this program and online course is for you. You can feel well under life's pressures.

Overcome fatigue, and learn new ways to recover from work.


Learn the skill of recovery.  

Do you want to feel well despite the stress?

Learn the Skill of Recovery -

Eliminate Work Burnout

Increased strain impairs motor control, the learning of new things, sleep, and memory. Often, we are not aware of the accumulation of stress ourselves.

People are burdened by rapid changes. Recovery can eliminate burnout, fatigue, overthinking, irritability, forgetfulness, pain, aches, and stiffness.


Do you recognise the symptoms?

"Traditional methods are not always enough for recovery."

The Fire Up recovery program is the solution for this.

"Recuperating in 5 weeks is a great experience. The exercises are simple enough to do at any point in the day - if you just give yourself a chance and make a routine of it. It's amazing how small things can make such a big difference."

- Catherine J

"I recommend the 5 Week Recuperate programme to people who want to stop and think about their own well-being and find a new approach to coping in everyday life."

- Anne KJ

"After the exercises, I slept well and felt amazing for the first time in a long while upon waking up. When I did the exercises for the first time on Sunday, my neck was free on Monday morning when I woke up."

-Kaarina P

Participants' experiences

  • Starting on Sunday 8th September - Sunday 13th October 2024

  • 5 online live sessions every Sunday from 6 to 7 PM

  • You will receive recordings of each week's exercises.

  • Recover in 5 Weeks book, where you can read the entire program background.

  • Energy diagrams to track your progress.
    The entire online course will be available to you until the end of 2024.

The course costs £195

Experience the combination of the online course and Marja's coaching

Marja Putkisto is a Finnish wellness expert, renowned for developing the MP (Method Putkisto) method. Her work focuses on improving body control, flexibility, and overall well-being. The Putkisto method combines elements of body maintenance, stretching, and deep breathing, aiming to help people achieve better body awareness and physical wellness.


The Putkisto method was developed based on Putkisto's diverse education and years of experience. It is founded on the idea that optimal body function and well-being can be achieved through various exercises that improve muscle balance, flexibility, and body awareness.

Putkisto's work has received wide recognition, and she is known as one of the leading experts in body control and flexibility. Her contributions to the wellness field are significant, offering practical tools for better health and quality of life.

Your coach, Marja Putkisto

You can fit the exercises into your normal day. They take just 3 to 7 minutes. You will learn how to get more done during the day, maintain focus for longer periods, immerse yourself deeper in your work, and sleep better.


"I only realized through this program that it’s too typical for me to accelerate from zero to one hundred and then come to a sudden stop and feel exhausted!"

Start now and learn the skill of recovery

Begin your recuperation journey

Independent online course

The complete 5 week course, ready for you start recovering from stress.

Price: £69

Live online course

A 5 week live online course with online material and guided sessions with Marja Putkisto.

More information>>

Price: £195

Marja's Club

Long term exercising lifestyle that focuses on daily recuperation with short live guided sessions with Marja Putkisto.

More information>>

Price: £75/month

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