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  • Refreshing sleep - targeted course

Refreshing sleep - targeted course


These exercises are designed to prepare your mind & body for a good sleep and improves circulation from head to toes; through your heart and lungs and neck to your head.



  • Memory
  • Hormonal balance

  • Metabolism

  • Immune system

  • Relaxation (vagus nerve)

  • Use of diaphragm breathing 



  • Pressure from your joints 

  • Anxiety 



  • Body & Mind 


This is what you receive:

  • Refreshing sleep - 5 exercises, over 5 days online course by Marja Putkisto

  • Exercise videos

  • Audios

  • Written description per exercise

  • You will receive one exercise per day to work on. You will need 10 mins per day
  • A recording of the LIVE session

  • The opportunity to continue your training. The e-course material and recording will be available to you until the end of 2024.


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If you need a more bespoke experience we also offer private sessions or you can join our club.

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