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Face Up Digital course

Marja Putkisto’s latest Method Putkisto Program: Make your face beautiful! Bring brilliance to your skin, life and beauty to your face, relief from stress, joy into your life and sparkle in your eyes.


See these effects of the six-week super program on facial beauty:

  • an elevation of facial features

  • highlighted cheekbones

  • shaping of the chin line

  • brightening of the eyes

  • solidification of  tissues that have lost activity

  • improvement in the shape of your lips

You will get all of this

  • a carefully designed 6-week face-to-face program

  • live sessions by Marja Putkisto every Monday online

  • an easy-to-use online course including video, image, and text material ??

  • illustrative videos of exercise programs

  • tips e.g. on beautifying food and skincare

  • initial and final measurements, the results of which you can tell with your own eyes that you look years younger

  • each week will have its own theme and exercise program

  • standard morning and evening program for each day

  • a total of 60 different exercises

  • the online course is available until the end of 2022

The programme will run thematically for six weeks.


The programme consists of:

  • An online course, which will be available to you until the end of 2022.

  • Marja's weekly live coaching session is on Sundays from 18:00 - 18:45.

  • It will be available to you as a recording for a week.

  • The new "Beautiful Thoughts" audios. 

Good guidelines

  • Marja will open the week's theme in a live coaching session, where we will go through the week's exercises together.

  • The online course includes daily training instructions.

  • The instructions are in the form of pictures and videos.

  • Get the beauty miracle formula at your fingertips.


20min per day

  • Allow 20 minutes per day for your workout.

  • Once a week, do a longer session of 45min. 

What does the programme consist of?

Now £127. Normal Price £193. You are saving 33%.

Want to learn more?

Talk Show, featuring Louise Curwen

Louise Curwen is one of the first Method Putkisto Face Instructors with over 20 years experience. What kind of results has she received? What is it about the face programme that interests her? What does the new programme offer that we haven't seen before? 

View here

Are you the one who we are looking for?

We are looking for open minded beauty enthusiasts from all over the world to try this pilot programme.

Will you be the first?


online Face programme 

begins Sunday 29th May 2022

6-week FACE UP super programme

Marja's new face programme was tested in Finland, August 2021. After the success of the Finnish Pilot, we are delighted to share this opportunity with you. Are you ready to learn to shape, firm and lift your face, without expensive injections or procedures?


The package includes:

  • an online course

  • live sessions with Marja 

Now £127. Normal Price £193. You are saving 33%.

The course starts on Sunday 29th of May 2022.

Stay youthful, fresh and glowing without botox or surgical knife

Has stress changed the way you use your face? Do you notice when your eyes get tired, your eyebrows frown and the corners of your mouth droop? Why is the stiff digi-neck already a familiar concept to us all?


When your smile is fading and your face no longer reflects your personality, it's time to take action. The 6-week super programme is a workable solution. 

Learn to age with joy!

Discover why this is a sustainable investment for yourself. Read blog here>>

"We have too few tools to deal with our own appearance. Although we are familiar with beauty care, how we should carry our own appearance is not taught."


says Marja.

" This (3rd) week we have started to see results! The skin has been glowing beautifully and the neck stretches have been really effective because of the tension in the neck area."


"My face has risen to a new level and I see more beauty in others and myself!"


"I am 52 years old and I think at least a few years have been smoothed off my face during these four weeks. Thank you <3"


What our customers say about this course

The results speak for themselves

  • Sculpt your facial musculature and appearance. 

  • Firm the face, reduce the double chin, improve the shape of the lips and cheeks.

  • Raise the posture of the upper body

  • Reduce and even eliminate the neck lump

  • Relax and eliminate neck and shoulder tension. 

  • Brighten and refresh the eyes and eliminate brain fog. The programme will help you reduce and even eliminate stress compression. 


The uniqueness of the programme is built around learning how to use your air muscles. This will deepen your self-awareness and bring out your best features in a new way.


Experience the transformation!

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"As I have aged my face has become to look crampy due to the droopy facial features even as I feel completely opposite. This began to annoy me and I thought I don’t mind and I don’t care. I would have never known, that to exercise your face could be this wonderful."


"During the exercising, I became aware of my tense face. Now it is easier to relax my face and my features".


What our customers say about this course

"I would never have thought that keeping the face relaxed is actually a big thing. Without being aware I have created a cover over my face. The need to relax and just be yourself relax can be scary. This course has made me think about who am I really and what real beauty means."


"Your face is your business card. It is time to wake up to the seriousness of this digital time. Normal beauty treatments will not be enough to correct what the digital devices will cause to our neurological system and thus to our micro facial features. It is time to face this and change the way we approach our beauty"

- Marja Putkisto

Photos and comments are from the August 2021 Finnish Face Up 6-weeks Super programme. There are 6 weeks of committed training between the transformation photos.

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