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Face Value – a worthwhile investment!

Why have facial exercises become a new beauty currency?

Thousands of people are now doing facial exercises. Hollywood celebrities, beauty bloggers and influencers are fans. For many, facial exercising is a new concept. It inspires interest and curiosity, but there are also doubts. Do facial exercises really work? Why would I pull faces and look ridiculous?

Let’s ask Marja.

Why is facial exercising so popular?

It is simple: Face exercising works! Not only does it create an amazing feeling of well-being, but most of all improves the way you look. Your facial features improve- without knives or chemical treatments! A natural face-lift!

Tell me about your new 6 week course ‘Spring Beauty‘.

The program is designed to improve your face from the inside out. Some of my exercises are designed to improve the condition of the skin, boosting the skin through stimulation of the underlying layers. Soon you will experience your skin as a functioning miracle. As you get to know your face better, and learn to modulate and relax it, you will gain in self-confidence.

Marja, you say facial exercising can be like a brain gym? This sounds complicated. Looking at the exercises does this mean we have to ‘pull faces’?

Facial exercising are not “pampering” treatments, but they needn't be ‘hard work’ to be efficient. It is good to know that facial exercises styles vary as much as normal exercise styles. Pulling the face is not needed to get the results. Quite the opposite.

My Method Putkisto “Face UP” program develops cooperation between facial muscles and the brain. It is a concept where every exercise is designed to touch your face on a different level. This means that each exercise works as a foundation for the next one.

Is facial exercising connected to body work?

Facial exercising is real bodywork - important body work! If you grind your teeth and frown you can’t breathe well. The program is based on science and long term experience. It guides you to go under the skin, teaching you how to send signals to your brain and change bad habits. The message is simple: You can change the way you look by re-programming your brain by the right touch!

It sounds truly amazing. Tell us more about the technique, how do we achieve these great results?

My Method Putkisto Face UP exercises work pretty much in the same way as my body exercises; we are fine-tuning our muscles, retraining our muscle memory and lifting our posture, just as we do for our body.

  • Touches: We use touch and learn how to manipulate the facial muscles.

  • Exercises: There are exercises for the neck and shoulders to increase the blood flow to your head, which in turn also increases collagen production.

  • Massage: We also use specific facial massage movements to activate your lymph flow and make you feel more relaxed.

How often do we need to exercise our face?

You gain the best results when you go for regular short intense sessions in the morning and evening, at least twice per week for 6 weeks. Then you will be ready to incorporate the exercises as part of your daily routine. 6 weeks is a magical number, based on physiological facts: it is the time needed for permanent results.

Lift your face in spring!

Spring is a great time to remove tension from your face and open yourself up to a new experience. Find out for yourself why thousands are using facial exercises.

Treat yourself to to a spring clean for your face and mind!

Welcome you to my new 6 week challenge.



Marja’s new 6 week Module ‘Spring Beauty’ starts Monday 25th April.


  • Marja Putkisto is the inventor of the Method Putkisto Natural Face Clinic exercise program/ concept. Read more about Marja here >> It has been a household name in her home country, Finland, for decades. Due to Covid 19 its popularity has hit the roof.

  • Method Putkisto Face UP is a very soft and relaxing way to improve your appearance through facial exercising. It has been developed over the years. No need to pull or push your face and skin. Great results by gentle means!

  • You use your face partly involuntary and partly consciously. In Face UP we work on retraining the facial muscles and stimulating their neurological connections, with a view to getting them to work together.

  • When you do body exercises, endorphins are released producing a wonderful feeling of well being. The same thing happens when you do face exercising. It will give you a lift – to your face and your mind!

©Method Putkisto

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