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Be Marja's guest in London

From Thursday 16th to Sunday 19th May 2024

Come join a life-enhancing weekend trip to London

  • Marja Putkisto as your guide and trainer

  • A 4-day all-inclusive programme, pre-created for you, combining the best of London with Method Putkisto's Fire Up programme of recovery

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See yourself and your life in a new light

In the rapid changes of the world, the body and mind easily get stuck – then it's time to do something completely new!  London refreshes and nurtures the mind and pampers with colour and diversity. The city moves and ripples. Come and renew and unleash your creativity.

It's interesting how stress affects us. London is a city where a world of contrast, traditional and conservative, respectful of customs, coexists with a rapidly renewing, pulsating world of fashion and music, side by side. This symbolizes the life of many, where work life and one's own personal life or conflicts with different worlds of values are confronted.

We pass through two different Londons


During our trip, we will experience how old royal London supports everything new. You get to experience and sense how the need to create something new can be seen everywhere, even on the streets. One cannot help but admire the beauty of street dance and art.

The Method Putkisto program provides tools and ideas for stress relief. We will explore the levels of the new MP Fire Up programme as we move through London. We study the basics of movement and refine our own way of moving.


Over the weekend, it will become apparent what power thoughts have and what the core message of the Fire Up program means in practice: Empower yourself from stress!

See the detailet programme here >>

The course is suitable for those who long for a cosmopolitan atmosphere and are ready for adventure. For those with an open mind and a bag of humor. You do not need any previous experience with Method Putkisto. Marja will share her best secrets with you.

Who is this course for?

What equipment do you need?

We recommend comfortable clothes that are good to move in, both outdoors and indoors. It is important to bring running shoes or shoes suitable for walking. A nice accessory for photo shoots. London’s weather can also be very unpredictable.

"By seeing London, I have seen as much life as the world can show!"

- Samuel Johnson

The price of the course includes:

  • Weekend program

  • Method Putkisto Fire Up - learning the stress release, following the 5 elements programme, while walking through Marja's London. 

  • Somerset House workshop

  • You & London, photo shoot 

  • Stretching time, Petersham Royal Garden

  • Walking time together  

  • 15% discount on Ruby Hotel price 

  • Welcome drink

  • Coffee x 3

  • Dinner at IVY Restaurant, Richmond (set dinner)

Please note: Other travel, accommodation and meals are at your own expense.

  • Petersham Hotel (4 star hotel). Nightingale Lane, Richmond upon Thames, TW10 6UZ

  • Ruby Hotel (4 star hotel) 100-108, Lower Marsh, London SE1 7AB. After purchase you will receive a code to book your accommodation for -15%.



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