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Sunday 11.12 - Friday 16.12.2022

NEW MINI COURSE by Marja Putkisto

Experience a 5-day targeted course with Marja Putkisto’s guidance.

It Includes

  • online programme that promotes independent training - follow the course to your own schedule

  • one live session with Marja | Tuesday 13th of December at 17:00-17:45 GMT

  • a recording of the session

  • exercises for home practice

All available for your use until the end of 2023

Note: This course is included within Marja's Club

Come and join us!

Mini course

Lift your face & looks with your voice - one week

If your voice is in the wrong place, your face hangs down and your stomach protrudes

Reposition your voice and improve your looks. A 5 day minicourse in which you will learn the first steps to better use your voice. A must-course for every voice-worker.

Lift your face and looks with our voice minicourse!

Exercises for your face & voice

Learn 5 simple exercises for daily voice and facial training.

"The course taught me small things that are easy to make into a routine. There's always time for something this nice." Carita

After the course, you can continue your independent practice  and achieve great results.


  • Your voice placement

  • The balance of your face

  • Your looks


  • Any voice problems

  • Tight or too loose facial expressions

Part 1

The LIVE session with the teaching of Marja Putkisto on Tuesday 13th December at 18.00 - 18.45 GMT

Part 2

A 5-day online course with a practice video for each day.

Part 3

Opportunity to continue your independent practice to  achieve more permanent results. The online course material will remain with you until the end of 2023.

The course proceeds in 3 parts that includes:

• two standard exercises to be repeated every day troughout the course

• one customised exercise for each day.

Each exercise supports the next one. At the end of the course you will also have a great set of neck support exercises to apply to your everyday life.

Who is this course for?

This course is for you if you wish to improve your voice quality and clarity. It is particularly suitable for those who undertake speech work.

The course is suitable for both women and men.

You do not need previous experience in Method Putkisto or facial training.

Our clients share their amazing results

"I do the exercises every morning and I notice an immediate change in my face." Elli

Even though you will begin to notice the results after the 5-day course, life-long results will only be achieved through regular training.

This is what is included:

  • Marja Putkisto as your coach, the developer of Method Putkisto

  • A carefully designed programme for your voice & face

  • 1 x live session  by on Marja on Tuesday 13th Descember 2022 at 17:00-17:45 GMT

  • A 5-day online course with instruction you can continue your practice independently

You will receive a recording of the live session to watch for 7 days. The online course material will remain with you until the end of 2023.



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