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Be the first to experience 

Fire UP programme

Recuperate in 5 weeks 

2nd November - 7th December 2023

Do you want to feel well despite stress?

It's a subject that touches everyone. Is your mind tired, your back aching? 

Do you feel you have more potential? Are you interested in well-being, even under stress? 


If your answer is yes, this programme and online course is for you. 
You can feel good under the stresses of life, overcome fatigue and capture new ways to recover from work. Learn the art of recovery.

LEARN THE ART OF RECUPERATION - eliminate work fatigue 

An increased workload impairs your motor control, your ability to learn new things, sleep and memory. We often are unaware of the accumulation of stress. 

People are stressed by overwhelming changes.

Recuperation can eliminate exhaustion, fatigue, rushing around, irritability, forgetfulness, aches, pains and stiffness.


Does this sound familiar?

"Traditional methods are not always enough for recovery”.  Marja says

Marja's new recovery programme is the solution.

You can schedule the exercises within your normal day. They take 3 - 7 minutes. You'll learn how to get more done during the day, stay focused longer, immerse yourself deeper into your work and sleep better.  

  • Marja teaches you LIVE each week. You will receive recordings of each week's exercises for your use.

  • An online programme consisting of exercise demonstration videos.

  • Energy charts to verify your progress.

  • The entire online course is available to you until the end of 2023.

''It's only through this programme that I've realised that it's not like me to accelerate from zero to 100 km/h and then stop suddenly and get tired!" 

Live sessions at 18:00-18:45 GMT:

Thursday 2nd Nov 2023

Thursday 9th Nov 2023

Thursday 16th Nov 2023

Thursday 23rd Nov 2023

Thursday 30th Nov 2023

Thursday 7th Dec 2023

Experience the combination of our online course & Marja's live coaching

JOIN NOW with our super pilot price

Book your place for £85

The normal price is £195. Save £110. 

If you want to pay in installments please contact

How will I know if I have recovered?

When you're well-rested and recovered, you're more ready to face new opportunities: 

  • Your capacity will increase.

  • Your capacity to cope with pressure increases.

  • Your memory improves, and learning new things becomes easier.

  • You will be able to use your emotions as a positive source of energy.

  • In the morning, you'll be enthusiastic, ready for a new day and pain-free.

  • You care about how you look and how you approach life

  • You can appreciate what you do.

This course was first launched in Finland in August 2023. Read about their thoughts & experiences.

Innovated & tested from Finland

''Surprisingly, I slept for much longer periods and didn't wake up during the night. I also started to see and remember dreams again. On top of that, my dreams came back in wonderful colours!'' - Marjaana

''I was left wondering how with small and simple things, it is possible to change the state of being and move from one state to another.'' - Anne 

''I felt relaxed and somehow more focused". - Tiina

The Recuperation Manifest

Stress recovery coach training

Starts Thursday 2nd November 2023


 3 ways for you to get involved in the recovery

Build new

Coach/Instructor training 
Sat 9.9.2023

Marja Putkisto's new book,

Recover in 5 weeks will be published

Step into a new and insightful world
and new book launch 


From exhausted to refreshed with the FIRE UP programme - in 5 weeks

Are you a pioneer ready to be part of Marja Putkisto's pioneering team? Are you ready to go on a 5-week recovery coaching course at a staggering pilot price? Want to test Marja's new book programme before anyone else?


This program starts with one simple step from which transformation can begin.


Five exercises per week

Five weeks


Now is not the time to get tired or experience fatigue!

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