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Welcome to Marja's Club

Hello Friend,

It's a joy to have you with us. On this page you will find the steps and information to settle into your practice that will enable you to develop. You will be guided by Marja Putkisto and we ask you to go with the flow, as we promise that you will learn more than you were expecting.

We are here to help to make your journey as enjoyable as possible!

The Method Putkisto team


Devices & technical tools

What you need:

  • Internet connection

  • Zoom app, download here >>

  • Web-camera & microphone (to engage in conversations)


Lounge page

You will be given access to Marja’s Club member's lounge page. Here you will find the session zoom links, recordings, Ritual audios, links to bonus courses & classes, discount codes and all the material included in Marja’s Club.


Marja's Club Lounge page >>


You can access the lounge page by logging in to with your username (use the same email address you used to become a member).


Marja Club Group

Marja’s Club Group is a discussion channel for internal messaging and communication between Club members. The Group is a Method Putkisto app and instructions on how to download this can be found below.



See the image "live sessions".



You will always have access to the recordings soon as the live session ends. The recordings will be available on the Marja Club lounge page and are available for the whole duration of each module (6 weeks).  


Club programme

The heart of the Club is the 6-week thematic sessions. See the full year programme here >>



You will need:

  • an exercise mat

  • a soft ball

  • 2 spikey balls

  • resistance band

  • Wobbling board 


  • As Club Members, receive 15% off small equipment

  • We recommend you to invest on the small props as they would last you a lifetime I will help you in so many ways. you can also use a towel tennis ball and belt. 

Please contact Jackie at if interested in purchasing any small equipment. 

Schedule of live sessions

Marja tell about equipments

Discount code here

buy in store

How to download the Marja’s Club Group App

Via your phone or tablet we ask you to download the Fit by Wix App. 


iOS App download here >>

Android App download here >>


Once downloaded, please click here >> to access Method Putkisto’s site via the app.

When asked to join please sign in with the email address and password you used to register as a member.


By scrolling along the top you should then be able to see various options including:

- the Marja’s Club Group where you can send messages and see submitted posts from the hosts

- online programmes that you have added to

- Method Putkisto blogs


Please feel free to ask the Method Putkisto class hosts if you have any questions


Familiarise yourself with the basics 

Take a look at the introduction videos to get familiar with the terms and basic starting positions that we use. 

What do the lessons involve?


Body classes include exercises.

  • Deep breathing exercises, with a variation of 6 different breathing techniques to bring the body together to be holistically functional and strong; abdominal and back muscles to support posture. 

  • Deep breathing exercises to lengthen tight muscles that stiffen the body to their optimum length, remove load from joints, maintain tendons and improve muscle balance. 

  • Deep core exercises strengthen the body from the soles of the feet, to the pelvic floor and upwards until the deep core support of the body begins to automatically support the midsection.

  • In the movement portion, we gather the body aesthetically in its best position, balancing the fascia. 

  • Visualisation, mindfullnes exercises remove stress and focus the mind on the essential. The movements are performed slowly and precisely enough to ensure the effectiveness of their effect. 


Face classes include facial exercises:

  • Visualisation, mindfulness exercises

  • Posture exercises

We use a variety of techniques:

  • Tapping gestures

  • Massage touches


Face sessions are done sitting, preferably on a chair

Watch the training terminology videos here


Relax, don't perform. The themes progress in cycles according to the seasons, supporting the body's natural endurance. The rhythm of action and recovery reinforces learning. Routines ensure change, rituals are innate skills.


Technical challenges?

Jackie will be happy to help you, email


The Answers You Need

The sessions take place using the Zoom application. On signing in you will have received information on how to access our Client Page. This is where you will find the timetable and links to the classes, along with lots of other useful information. 

How do I gain access to the sessions?

Not at all. Recordings of the sessions will be added to the Lounge page and are available for 7 days, allowing you to catch up with any missed sessions or just practice again.

Do I need to attend every session?

Full details can be found on this page. By signing into the app, and the Group, you can send messages and see submitted posts from the hosts, as well as the online programmes that you have added to and Method Putkisto blogs.

How can I sign into the Method Putkisto App?

We encourage you to turn these on so the hosts can welcome you in and answer any questions you may have. During the session you are welcome to turn them off.

Do I need to have my camera/microphone turned on?

We recommend the following: mat (or something soft to lie on), spikey ball (or tennis ball), Yoga strap (or a scarf or similar), MP Ball (or folded towel). This equipment, as well as Wobbeli Board and Bloggeli) can be purchased from MP.

What equipment do I need?

Introduction videos

Method Putkisto 3D System

Basic starting positions

Annual programme calendar to ensure your progress

Body and Face training go hand in hand. The package consists of eight modules, each with its own theme and objectives. The reflective and orientative sessions are set in the summer and at the end of the year, following the rhythm of the seasons. Take a peak at our upcoming themes for face and body 2024!

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