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Marja Putkisto founder of Method Putkisto

The Woman behind the Method

Marja Putkisto is an internationally acknowledged, developer and leadership coach, brand specialist and responsible change leader in a renewing culture. Marja has created the innovative Method Putkisto body work and conditioning concept for well-being: seven independent, yet unified programs and published 15 books.


Marja Putkisto is the founder and Director of the internationally operated Method Putkisto Institute. She is a leadership consultant for higher management and leads the Finnmotion concept to deliver it globally to organisations. 

The leading Finnish school for body work Method Putkisto Institute - with over 25 years of experience - offers unique training in the UK. We offer specialised training for body work; core stability; stretching techniques; breathing and movement skills related to the body. The Method stands out from any current bodywork methods available.

Marja Putkisto: Innovator, creator, change leader

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Method Putkisto body work

Module 1:   Core Strength and Flexibility

Monday 6th September – Saturday 16th October 2021 (6 weeks) 

During these 6 weeks, we will work systematically on your core until it will support your posture from deep within, making all your movements easier to perform. 


We will start from the pelvis, progress to the upper body and integrate this all with a strong abdominal corset and efficient breathing. 

“Marja’s creativity knows no bounds; each session introduces new movements and sensations to explore. She leads you to a whole new understanding of your body. Always uplifting, always relaxing too.”


Client Review

“MP classes always make me feel more in touch with my body and more curious about the connection between body and mind. Marja brings something special to every class that inspires us to be more centred, aligned and energised.”


Client Review


Module 2:   Move to energise

Monday 1st November –  Saturday 11th December 2021 (6 weeks) 

These 6 weeks will offer you a lovely way to see how to strengthen your core with movement. We will explore rhythm and timing of the exercises. Well performed movements including stretching will improve your overall body shape.

Module 3  Lift your body to a great shape

Monday 19 April – Saturday 29th May 2021

(6 weeks) *

It is about gravity, breath and a sensory system empowering us

Spring is the perfect time to get in touch with our breathing, touch deep layers of our tissues - leading to relaxation and a refreshed energy. Return to the natural movement chains and patterns that makes the posture a way to be at ease.

Let’s understand the tension and holding patterns that balance our sensory system, explore a gentle and calm way to use the energy to become a joyful springboard for anything in life. 

Method Putkisto agility and balance

Live it & Love it!

2 modules in Autumn term

This autumn term 2021 has been divided into two sections starting from Monday 6th September and finishes Saturday 11th December with a two week break from 18th October.

  • The exercises are targeted to stretch out the short, tight muscles and strengthen your back and abdominal corset. 

  • Marja, as a developer of the method, is focused in her teaching. Classes are calming, gentle, healing - and always fresh and new. Marja, with her positive and encouraging determination is systematically progressing you towards your potential.

  • You can join into the sessions mornings, evenings and daytime or do them from recordings.   

  • Marja’s online classes are live and lifestyle-friendly lasting from 20 minutes in the day to 60 minutes in the evenings. 

  • The term has been divided into two six-week themed courses following each other in a logical progress. Enjoy the feeling reaching the level of muscle tissue which results alleviating fatigue, and restore energy and wellbeing.

You are welcome to join us with no previous experience. Sessions are suitable if you are complete beginners as well as experienced in body work.

"Flexibility is often the missing link to strength. The key to Method Putkisto is the knowledge that when muscles get tight they also shorten and thus can prevent us moving. When muscles are stretched and elongated, your bones will also have the space to move further apart,  and your body is free to move into its optimal neutral position."


Marja Putkisto

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​Through continuous development, this comprehensive regime of body and mind exercises reaches all tissue levels to alleviate exhaustion and stretch and strengthen your body and mind.

Discover your body’s true potential

Who wouldn’t love to find a short cut – a way to top up your toning and boost your energy levels with minimal effort? This is what Method Putkisto offers: the opportunity to get in touch with your body in a way you will love!

Discover your body’s true potential with Marja’s unique programme of posture, stretching and breath work.

  • Let go of tension and embrace a greater sense of wellbeing. 

  • Say goodbye to fatigue and discover energy, strength and flexibility.

  • Optimise your body shape AND love the way you feel inside and out.

Does this sound like you?

Are you stiff and stooping, noticing changes to your body shape or weight beginning to gather around your middle?  You may feel fragile, your mind feels hazy, a headache creeping into your life? If you recognise any of these symptoms (or when you take a look in the mirror your shoulders are creeping up towards your ears) you are holding tension that almost certainly causes shallow breathing and further aches and pains. 

The good news: Marja’s posture and breathwork will enable you to break this vicious cycle and reclaim a relaxed body and mind.


At its best a session is like meditation, a feeling spreading from head to toes alleviating aches and strengthening the muscles. Exercising can be soothing yet efficient. When you feel well in your own body, we have succeeded.


Find the overall balance of your body &  discover freedom of movement

Look, feel and be our healthiest best!

There is no reason to feel fatigued, tired, or stressed.

Change your body for the better!

  • Let go of tension and embrace a greater sense of well-being. 

  • Say goodbye to fatigue and discover energy, strength, and flexibility.

  • Optimise your body shape AND love the way you feel inside and out.


All this is possible when you join Marja’s online LIVE sessions.  



Refresh and get energised with lunchtime sessions and let go of tension and embrace a greater sense of wellbeing in the evening sessions between Monday 6th September and Saturday 11th December 2021.

Optimise your body shape AND love the way you feel inside and out.

Say goodbye to fatigue and discover energy, strength and flexibility.

Let go of tension and embrace a greater sense of well-being. 

Exercising online

Marja’s online classes are live and lifestyle-friendly. 

Suitable for complete beginners as well as experienced students of Method Putkisto

We provide you with five tips to orientate to your sessions on our client page. You are given access to this when you first join in.

We are looking forward to helping you.

Method Putkisto balancing act

Enjoy the balancing act

Learning how to balance your body and mind is hugely restorative. Expect to increase your energy levels and boost your general sense of well-being. 

Method Putkisto’s unique stretching techniques and breathing exercises help to:

  • Relieve stress

  • Strengthen your body

  • Improve your posture

  • Enhance your metabolism

  • Optimise your sleep quality

  • Restore mobility

  • Transform your body shape

Joining Marja's weekly sessions is an instant way to improve your body shape, charge power to your core muscles and re-energise your mind.


During each session Marja exercises on all levels of tissues affecting through breathing to strengthen your back and abdominals.

Reaching the deepest levels of muscle tissue, alleviating fatigue, and restoring energy and well-being. 

  • Deep stretching exercises work specifically on elongating muscles that have become shortened through habitual misuse. 

  • Deep breathing exercises bring calm and conditioning, by boosting circulation and integrating body and mind. 

  • Deep core strengthening exercises support your posture, restoring youthful alignment and perfect poise. 

  • Standing postures reinforce strength and balance.

Face classes with Method Putkisto

Face sessions

Are you interested in improving your looks on a permanent basis? This is a specialised, progressive way of working with your face. Every class will also include a moment of full-body relaxation and adjustment for the lymphatic circulation. We will focus on balancing the facial muscles. We begin from the grinding muscles to being free from stress and relearning to relax.  Expression muscles will create an attractive equilibrium between your neck and shoulders, as when relaxing you elevate your look. We spend time in every session focusing on head alignment - as that is the growth for our being. 

Marja´s unique system of facial exercises has been carefully designed to lift your looks, restore your youthful glow, and bring a natural freshness to your face.

Face classes with Method Putkisto
Method Putkisto walking programme

Walking sessions

In our walking classes, we look at a system to rebuild the way you move. We progressively improve the initiations of the movement which activates the deep muscles of the spine. It increases blood flow to the spine and balances the neurological system. You will learn to control and correct alignment whilst moving until the muscular memory permanently improves. It renews the activation order of the muscles and thus the way you move will improve.

Read a blog post by Francis Mitchell UK walking instructor.

Please note: this class takes place in Richmond Park, SW London. 

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