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Why I recommend the Method Putkisto walking programme. By Francis Mitchell UK walking instructor.

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

The Method Putkisto walking program is based on the natural movement patterns of walking and so is an accessible form of exercise for anyone at any fitness level.

With the help of one of our instructors who will help you improve your health and well-being dramatically using The Method Putkisto programme.

However as with all exercise programs some health issues do require specialist knowledge before people can make a safe start to their exercise program, so we ask you to register your interest early.

The benefits of the Method Putkisto program;

Increases Oxygen and Caloric expenditure

The Method Putkisto programme Increases oxygen uptake and caloric expenditure.

In order to obtain optimal physiological effectiveness we use poles that must be used with the correct technique that you will learn. The technique ensures that the activation of muscles during the programme is maximal. Because of the increased muscle activity, the metabolism is stimulated, and the blood circulation increases and the cardio-vascular system is improved.


As human beings we evolved from walking on all fours to walking standing up using two legs. Despite the evolution the body has still not fully developed to cope with additional stress on certain joints and lack of aerobic exercise, together with our sedentary lifestyle, can cause postural problems. These can result in physical discomfort, complaints of pain in the hips, knees and ankles as well as pain in the back.

With the Method Putkisto walking program poles are provided that act like two additional legs giving the body better weight distribution and a means of maintaining and improving normal gait; it also offers functional training of the weakened muscle groups.

Relieves neck and shoulder pain and improves neck mobility.

The Putkisto program can give relief from Neck and shoulder complaints especially when they are caused by overuse of neck and shoulder muscles.

Increases the safety of walking and improves functional capacity.

Individuals who have problems with balance will receive great benefits from the stability provided by the poles, again it's like walking with two extra legs.

Allows the intensity of running without the high impact.

The program will give you all the health benefits of Jogging without the high impact on joints.

Enhances our mood

A study has shown that walking on the programme showed a significant improvement in levels of depression, anger and fatigue and other mood issues.

Combat obesity

Research and client testimonials have shown that the Method Putkisto walking program is a very effective form of weight loss as it increases the energy consumption of the body compared to regular walking at the same speed. The aim of using the poles is important to increase energy expenditure compared to normal walking. Research is showing that the calorie consumption can be up to 40% higher using the poles. This is possible because of the muscle activity in the upper body.

Improves the health of your back

Method Putkisto outdoor programme encourages people to walk more actively to lengthen the spine and to distribute their weight more effectively over just normal walking.

A further benefit of the program is the activation of the core back muscles, the action of using the poles activates the stabilising muscles of the deep abdominals together with the important back muscles. The Method Putkisto program encourages the upper body to safely and healthily rotate; this is a vital movement for spinal health and in particular to ensure the intervertebral discs absorb fluid.

Healthy Heart

The Method Putkisto program is a full body exercise using all of the body’s skeletal muscles by involving the upper body muscles. There is an increased demand on the cardiovascular system and participation in the program will therefore result in an improved cardiovascular training.

Other Benefits

The Method Putkisto program has many applications for health and well-being to add to the benefits above. Treatment of repetitive strain injuries and rehabilitation, post-operative breast cancer patients.

And within the walking program the use of uneven surfaces in nature can increase bone density and thereby prevent or lessen the progression for osteoporosis.

Why not come and try out a session with one of the instructors who will give you more information on poles and what type of clothing and shoes are best to wear in your session.

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