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A wellness retreat is the highlight of the year for body and mind

summer beauty in Finland

Summer is here and so will soon be the legendary Method Putkisto international summer course! 

The course has already become a concept. Year after year I wonder what the secret is. I arrive in Vanajanlinna as if on vacation, even though I am the leader of the course and its main teacher myself. This weekly retreat is always so comprehensively good - not only for me, but for all the participants of the summer course.

It is true that people build the course. Already on the first morning, the group is in its element. Everyone knows that every minute is worth more than gold and they make the most of the week. The good feeling flows and the inner glow radiates outward.

This retreat is truly a time for you to yourself. At any moment, you may discover new things about yourself that you knew were inside you but you haven't been able to touch them before. When the focus descends on the banquet hall of Vanajanlinna, where the light floods in from the window and the warmth between people is palpable, miracles happen. People change during the course and assemble themselves in a new position. The summer retreat lifts us to a new glow.

Natural well-being and beauty

The beauty and wellness summer retreat will bring you to your own body and yourself. Nature is an endless source of creativity, energy and strength. By deepening your connection with nature, you also deepen your connection with yourself. We take care of ourselves holistically with natural methods.

We spend time strengthening ourselves in nature, enjoying its summer beauty and garden. We collect plants for a wild herb foot bath and a Naturally Blooming Me flower ceremony. At the time of the retreat, nature is lush and blooming, offering the perfect setting for a charming weekend.

The summer retreat includes e.g. meditation, life skills training in a group, yoga exercises, Qigong, mindfulness and presence exercises. The exercises give an opportunity for relaxation, new ideas and insights. You will get plenty of snacks for your own life.

At the retreat, we also get to enjoy delicious vegetarian food. The whole weekend is devoted to natural well-being!

The summer course invites you to descend into a deep state of being and enjoying. To soft femininity, where the flowery splendor of femininity flows. At the same time, we are wonderfully on vacation! Oh, I wish I could stay here and in this state forever!

-Marja Putkisto


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