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Finnish well-being retreat, ‘Project You’ - to life changing body work by Marja Putkisto

Method Putkisto lifts you high and takes you deep into your body.

A 5 day body & mind (and face) Summer Retreat to be ready to face the world. 

It is a great way to rejuvenate and energize your body and mind.  During this 5 day break you will unfold your potential, capture energy, preserve youth. Our unique wellness retreat will enable you to slow down and become more present to yourself.You will enhance your balance and foster self-confidence simply from realizing how much your body appreciates as it is stretched to its full length. Self-esteem and confidence will return to you as this holistic, enriching program progresses. 

As you leave the resort you will walk taller and have tools to let go of stress within the everyday busyness. What makes this effective is how this 5-day workshop leads to a deeper recovery and our well-being reaches well above the surface and its effects last well into the Autumn! 

The moment you step into this stunning view in Vanajanlinna, you will greet like minded people who are waiting for you all ready to feel their very best, yet the humor and joy is part of the mix. With no time you and your group all sink into the world of core work and stretching in the most simple and yet fascinating way. The beautiful surroundings are ideal to tune into the programme.

Method Putkisto is a holistic approach to health and wellness combining  evidence-based exercises, nutrition and movement  in the highly stimulating environment by a clean  Finnish lake, surrounded by the very best of clean and fresh nature. Nights are light and magic.  Thai will be the ultimate results-driven wellness experience in this lovely surroundings.  Marjas 35 years of experience, science, innovation and research in a unique holistic blend of stretching, strengthening and breath work,  together with walking, that leads to relaxation, a new posture and freedom of movement. All this offers you the tools to build a better future. 

This lovely and relaxed programme is a combination of thoughtful indoor and outdoor exercises that, together, makes the results unique. The programme includes guided sessions 25 hours in total, a blend of most popular Method Putkisto programmes:

  • Method Putkisto -  deep breathing, deep stretching and deep breathing exercises for the optimal balance and relaxation. Read more >>

  • Method Putkisto FACE UP - With gentle facial exercises to lift our face. Read more >>

  • Method Putkisto light Programme, read more

  • MP Nordic Walking for ease of movement - We free the body to move naturally.  Read more >>

  • Marjas way of teaching you to get in touch with yourself is conscious mental processes oriented towards physical and emotional well-being. 

  • Marja has assistants. Their hands will assist and support the movements in just the right place

Fulfilled and loyal clients from various backgrounds and countries, all returning to this retreat (27th Year) time and time again. . The energy of the workshop supports you further than you think.

When our emotional and physical wellbeing flows well together we are able to face the challenges in our lives with so often needed determination. 

What our clients tell us about the Course

"I got a lot more than I expected. This is something everyone should experience!" Elina

"An experience of care, personal care and cordiality was there throughout the course." Maija

"The atmosphere is calming, focused’’ Eerika

"The feeling of well-being continues with me for months - that's why I attend the course every year" Linda
"It healed my back!'' Markus

Come and join us!

International Summer Course 2024: Sunday 21st - Friday 26th July.

Early bird price valid until 31.5.2024

©Method Putkisto


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