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3D Face: A unique approach to looking younger - from within

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Method Putkisto 3D Face Clinic

Method Putkisto 3D Natural Face Clinic - developed by Marja Putkisto

“I look forward to seeing you ‘face to face’"

Are you ready to gain a new type of confidence?

Do you want to look younger and more relaxed?

Would you like to feel more in control of your own looks?

Marja’s Method Putkisto (MP) 3D Natural Face Clinic is a simple and supremely effective natural anti-ageing exercise system focused on re-aligning your upper body and relaxing your face, head, neck, jaw and shoulders.

Many of us live sedentary lives with overloaded brains. In this digital age we spend increasing amounts of time stooped over various forms of technology - computers, laptops and tablets of various descriptions. While connecting us in one way, these now necessary gadgets disconnect us from our natural environment and our natural ways of moving and communicating with one another. Fatigue, headaches and feeling low are just some of the symptoms of the poor head position they create. It may come as a surprise to you that what we know as the ‘widow’s hump’ is developing from an early age. All of this causes stress and diminishes our well-being.

Are your eyes tired?

• Do you need more energy?

Could your sleep be better?

Are your shoulders tense?

Are niggling aches and pains a regular visitor?

Do you need to stay more focused?

Do have an intuition that you need something deeper and different?

Science has only recently begun to understand the depth of the threat stress poses to our health. It can lead to teeth grinding, affect our breathing and sleep and thus compromise our immune system.

Pioneered by Marja Putkisto, MP 3D Face Clinic has been praised by thousands of users in Finland and is used as a part of their well-being and exercise regime. It is popular due to its simplicity - you can practise discreetly almost anywhere. It is proven to reduce stress by its users who say they sleep better, learn new things more easily, and become more creative, happy and healthy. If practised frequently you will see and feel the results; it is rewarding to compare your facial features ‘before and after’, where you really can see the difference. Wrinkles will have a whole new meaning - over time they can even change their shape and become smoother as the muscles become more balanced.

Taken on 27.11.2009 Taken on 26.03.2010

MP offers a solution that not only is an answer to how to recuperate and remove stress but improves skin tone, firms the jaw and smoothens out lip lines. The exercises brighten your eyes, improve the shape of your lips; eliminate double chins and puffiness in your face.

It will define, strengthen and lift your facial muscles, by using visualisation and movements that anyone can do. It is also a way to remove unwanted mannerisms, and refresh the way you look and feel.

It is the ultimate muscle re-balancing and re-energising technique for life.

Using Face Clinic has naturally lifted my face, and I look and feel much more relaxed. You can correct your posture just by using Face Clinic! - Louise


“When you learn to realign and position your head correctly, your face relaxes and it has a positive effect on the whole body.” – Marja Putkisto

The approach is a genius 3D system that works from within, so without mirrors. It is a gentle and positive way to come ‘face to face’ with yourself. It gives you a ‘tool box’ – a system of points, lines and shapes - that can be used to retrain your facial muscles towards their optimum muscular balance and to correct your upper body alignment.

“Get to know your face and you will express yourself better and be more confident.” – Marja Putkisto


· Anyone who wants to feel more confident in who they really are

· People of all ages, especially those using digital gadgets for lengthy periods of the day

· Those who want to learn a new way to use their facial muscles to communicate and express themselves more clearly

· Anyone wishing to improve their posture and to carry themselves better

“Time unifies us all so let’s also celebrate every single stage of life and the challenges that they bring.” Marja Putkisto

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