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The Art of Walking - how to get more benefit from this daily activity

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

- with Method Putkisto

The art of walking with Method Putkisto

Would you like to learn to walk in a way that improves your core strength and balances your muscles with every step?

Walking is one of the first things that most of us learn and it can also be an enjoyable and healthy pastime. It is, of course, also the basis for all sport. While it is a safe and effective form of exercise for the whole body when done correctly, we can easily develop bad habits. These, in turn, place pressure on our spine and joints leading to unnecessary pain and discomfort.

Many people have benefited from learning the art of walking in the MP way and have discovered more flexibility, power and energy as a result.

It may seem to be a natural process, but walking becomes a skill when it is used holistically to support the way you use and control your body. Skilful walking, as taught by Method Putkisto, makes all movement easier and is readily transferable to your everyday life. You will quickly see and feel the results – your walking will become more stylish and, as your technique improves, you will be eager to walk more.

With the assistance of Nordic walking poles, you will learn a technique that will lighten the strain on your joints, enhance the rotation of your spine, improve your breathing and your energy-efficiency.

"Marja's walking classes are honestly the best way to start the week! I come away feeling strengthened and rejuvenated and ready for whatever the coming week throws at me. Each class incorporates a blend of core stretches and movements that target different areas of the body - all communicated with Marja's brand of warmth and flair - that leave you feeling mentally, as well as physically, lighter." Carina

Come and join into Spring 2022 for live walking sessions plus Marja’s online sessions. See whats on offer HERE

(Method Putkisto Walking Skills instruction can only be offered by instructors licensed by the Method Putkisto Institute. This ensures you receive excellent instruction, which teaches you to apply MP principles to something you do every day).

© Method Putkisto

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How can I benefit from these classes while living in Luxembourg?

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