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Legendary body & mind summer retreat in Finland

Updated: Feb 4

METHOD PUTKISTO – the method sinks deep and lifts high.

This amazing course has been running for 26 years. It’s always fresh, surprising and energizing.

For me, the summer course is the highlight of the year - not only for body and mind, but for humanity, real pride and joy. I love the time I have to blend Method Putkisto deep stretching, core work and deep breathing exercises to bring your body to its optimal balance, freedom of movement and relaxation. I want everyone to walk out of the course stronger, fitter, more agile, more supple and even slimmer. “ Marja


Our guests arrive both from Finland and abroad and soon discover that they share a common interest: one's own body's well-being. That's the very issue why we gather together. It is so lovely how each year our guests enjoyed each other's company. It is also the historical surroundings and stunning beauty that makes it really easy to be together, or on your own if you need the time.

What then happens?

As the week moves on, the posture lifts and the overall sensation in the body begins to feel better. As the body gets stronger the mind will ease Up.

Combining indoor and outdoor exercises balances the body. During the morning walk uneven ground exercises the small muscles of the feet, each step resonates through the spine and breathing activates the lymphatic circulation. Face exercises clear the head. It is easy to smile and feel at ease. During the body class, it is easy to focus even on the areas that used to be your “ blind spots”. Some of the exercises are designed for problem areas which I like to become past problems and distant memories.

Then the atmosphere

The atmosphere is mellow, accepting, caring and encouraging but also full of joy. The best thing about the course is the Nordic magic summer light that is just unique. It surrounds us with a sense of peace making it easy to focus on our own body.

Individual exercising

Additionally to my teaching, my assistants and students will assist you hands on to make sure all the exercises are performed correctly. They offer you lovely slow morning classes repeating the essence of each day. These have been much appreciated.

Combination that works

The course is assisted by my husband Francis, who motivates anyone to appreciate the power of simple walking. His British/Irish humor appears and surprises us usually during morning walks.

Pentti, the Finnish master of masseuse. Pentti is versatile and provides his magic. He is alo a trained Method Putkisto instructor and understands exactly what we are aiming for.

This is also your wellness holiday

Summer in Finland is magical, the fresh air vibrates, morning or even night swimming, in a clean lake is like touching the skin with soft velvet and the light of the night is so beautiful it is almost unbelievable. The quiet breeze makes us realize how many trees there are around us standing there like our protectors.

Then there is the music that makes everyone's heart lift and spine resonate. Together we enjoy the mouth-watering menu of Vanajanlinna and so many other moments. The power of history is around us. Quietly it inspires you to see that you are your very best, right now. We calm down with realities and our dreams give us wings.

At the end of the course, you will have new friends and many happy memories for you to cherish.

As Finland is my home country, I feel this retreat is the best I can give you!

Info box - Let's take a look at the course

2023 New - Method Putkisto Recovery FIRE UP program - this is dedicated to skill in how to manage daily stress. If Pilates is familiar to you, you will enjoy this course.

It includes a light form of exercises focusing on our Neuro Heath The programme proceeds progressively and logically. .

Here's what you'll learn

  • Well-being is strength

  • It is the mind that elevates the body.

  • When the body settles on its central line, you get stronger.

  • You will learn to alleviate pressure from your joints

  • When your body is truly free, how it affects your mind and you will feel happier.

Who is the course suitable for?

The course is suitable for you who want to feel well.

You can well join us on your own or with a friend or spouse!

Feedback from the course

"A life-changing method!" - Newby Hand, Harper's Bazaar

"Everyone should experience this course!" - Elina

"The atmosphere is bubbly, accepting, calming, focused and time disappears" - Erika

"I feel good for months, that's why I take the course every year" - Linda

"The course indeed strengthened and improved my back." - Markus

Course language

The course is in both Finnish and English. I speak them fluently one sentence at a time, one following the other. It's super interesting to notice what words we're missing from each language. The delightful assistants all speak English.

International summer course - Finland

Sunday 21st to Friday 26th July 2024  Discover more >>

Love to see you very soon, welcome to Finland,



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