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If your metabolism is sluggish the reason might be that your sensory system is over-stimulated.

Updated: Mar 18

Positivity keeps us slim, the sensory system will balance the body, but only movement will really change the person. How can we put all of this into practice?

Research tells us that the need to eat or snack increases during periods when stress creeps into our daily life, affecting our metabolism.

What can you do if your mind is over-stimulated from morning till evening?

Has stress become a new lifestyle? Lack of time and loss of control make us frustrated. The worst is that during lockdown many of us are in contact with screens day in, day out, through our zoom meetings. The general uncertainty of the future is affecting every one of us.

In normal circumstances the level of the stress hormone, Cortisol, is at its highest in the morning and will drop towards night-time. If the stress continues, the level of Cortisol is not able to be regulated and this has an effect on our metabolism, particularly if this affects our sleep - it is time to do something about it.

When and if stress becomes a chronic way to live, it also begins to change our hormonal balance and fat metabolism. As we reach chronic stress levels, the signs can be seen, such accumulative fat under the skin, as well as in the abdominal cavity; also, in the case of women, around our thighs, buttock and pelvic area.

When snacks are appearing more often than usual on your table, it’s time for alarm bells to ring - be aware of the possibility of a weight gaining spiral. A little snacking stimulates insulin production and the vicious circle begins - you will become hungry faster.

Can we find a miracle cure to heal hormonal unbalance?

Well-conducted body work surely is one of them.

Every one of us has the ability (and need) to correct and balance any imbalances in the body. It is this adjustment system we truly need to protect. Here’s a thought: the way we use our body has an effect on everything and anything, and our physical habits (that in turn) affect our entire life and its quality.

It is reassuring to know that even mental moods can be balanced out and adjusted with movement. I recommend removing stress in a simple manner, by diminishing tension and stiffness on a daily basis. Daily Method Putkisto exercises result in an increase in strength and an improvement in your breathing - when you breathe properly, the whole body begins to heal.

Balance is one of the most important targets of Method Putkisto.

To maintain this requires daily work. Ironically, to improve it requires disturbing your own balance. Our aim is to balance your entire sensory system and to increase the ability to feel and sense your own body and existence. From your face and sense of ease you can see when the body is balanced. The way you look becomes relaxed, light and easy.

Don’t stay still - instead, go and find an uneven surface and this way your fatigue will be gone! Your well-being will improve and increasing your agility will make you more sensitive.

Just move! Movement is different from exercising. When you learn to use movement from the right starting point with the right dynamics, it can calm your nerves or give you an energy boost. Learning to use imagery to visualise and guide the body will have an amazing effect on your results.

Years of living with my own stress has taught me that the way to a relaxed place becomes clear when my understanding increases. Understanding how my body works has led me to a more balanced and aligned body. The aligned body is great to look at and functions well. After all, managing your body well is the same as managing your life well.


  • Positivity makes you slimmer and more beautiful.

  • If you want to achieve something, please do not find millions of reasons why not to do it.

  • When you provide good things for others, it makes you feel good about yourself.

  • Think about your relationship with your work. If it feels heavy, why not do something about it?

  • Remember the power of humour!


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