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Firm UP Your Face and Glow

Updated: Mar 18

Does your face look grey? 

If you're scared of your reflection in a mirror, it's time to take action!

This is an excellent time of the year to refresh your dull and often sagging skin, giving it a new glow during the darkest time of winter.

Your face shows everything: lack of sleep, lack of exercise, sun exposure, use of alcohol and even our moods, if we are frustrated, irritated or stressed - and vice versa.

Under the stress we tend to actively worsen the situation ourselves, often unintentionally, by holding our breath. Quite amazing! No wonder our diaphragm so often stiffens, our mouth dries up, our muscles lose their elasticity and our lymphatic circulation weakens. As signs such as bags under our eyes increase and the color of our skin gets dull. 

As a solution the ‘’Firm UP your Face and Glow” - 6 weeks module in Marja's Club. This module is part of the Method Putkisto Face UP programme specialised in beautifying your face with a particular 3D exercise technique.

It involves hands-on work, meditative facial exercises and much more. Yet, even just the patting of the face wakes up the face, breathing calms the mind and alleviates stress.  When we relax breathing changes and the parasympathetic nervous system is activated. All of this is reflected in the skin and its color. Not only will you look better but Method Putkisto Face Up exercises system eliminates brain fog  and is for a good reason also called "neuro-fitness." When face exercises become regular only few would ever give it up, they are so beneficial. 

The beauty trend worldwide is the glowing skin 

One of the world's most respected beauty journalists, Newby Hands (@newbybeauty) also recommends Method Putkisto facial exercises alongside, and as an alternative, to Botox (Method Putkisto Natural Facial Clinic).

"No one wants to hide their age anymore; it's outdated," says Newby. She encourages maintaining skin radiance and speaks passionately about why this is worth investing in. 

Facial exercises enhance skin renewal, tone facial muscles, improve skin tone and tighten the skin. Can it then remove deep wrinkles? No, that is not possible. 

Facial exercises reduce puffiness, support and stimulate blood circulation in your face and improve overall body metabolism. Deep wrinkles cannot be eliminated through exercising, but their appearance can be smoothed and their development slowed down. 

The skin is a wonderful, emotional and intelligent organ. The skin breathes and moves with the lungs. We all feel the beneficial effects of skincare, but the truth is that only a few know how deeply and significantly well performed facial exercising work, they truly  brighten  and tightens the skin. skin looks great and the exercises were a great help in removing under-eye bags and even tightening a double chin," said Marjatta. 

Have you considered renewing  your beauty routine and adding regular exercising into it? This is a cost-effective way to achieve visible results that enhance your appearance. 



  • Greyish or bluish skin can be result from a lack of oxygenated blood circulation. When circulation slows down, it causes a gray colour. 

  • In winter, heating dries the air in our rooms and also makes breathing difficult. This, in turn, affects our vitality.

  • When metabolism functions well we look radiant. 

Is it time to make your skin glow? 

Practice in short 25 minute sessions daily. If you wish to experience this, join Marja's Club here >>

  • Marja’s Club Open House event on the Sunday 7th April 2024 19:00 – 19:45 BSTSign Up here >>

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