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New Year's wellbeing boost: chat & online live session

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Wednesday 27th December 2023, from 18:00 GMT

When the festive season is over, many of us are feeling exhausted!

Indeed, the end of the year is filled with celebrations, gatherings with our families and friends, involving cooking, staying up late, eating, drinking,  entertaining  – and then there's the CLEANING. Even with all good intentions, there will be wonderful chocolates and other temptations around the house. 

So let’s focus on the New Year 2024 and our wellbeing. 

Enjoy either Marja’s online free 30 min chat or a one off 60 min session which will take you through exercises to refresh and stretch yourself back to your center.

Body, Mind & You Seminar, 18:00-18:30 GMT, £0

Body, Mind & You online session: 18:45-19:45 GMT, £20

PART 1: Body, Mind & You LIVE chat - 30 minutes session 18:00-18:30 GMT, FREE

Learn new tools to look after your wellbeing and ways to alleviate stress. Enjoy this free chat. 

We will cover topics like: 

  • Why does stretching improve our wellbeing and shape of our body?

  • How and why do facial exercises make us look better but also affect our mind?

  • Why there is no need for aches and pains? 

  • How can we improve our sleep?  

  • You can ask questions or chat with us. 

A warm welcome to join us!

PART 2: Body, Mind & You Online session 18:45-19:45, £20

Recover from Christmas and get energised for the New Year. No more bloating from Christmas foods. Refresh your face and restore your body's well-being! 

Marja has chosen 15 enjoyable effective exercise sequences for the body and face. Recording is available until 31st January 2024.

  • The first five exercises activate your facial muscles, refreshing your face and expression and removing the brain fog. 

  • The next set is five exercises that improve your lymphatic circulation removing puffiness and activating your digestion. 

  • We then move on to the five mobilising stretching exercises, all of which improve the use of our diaphragm and will make breathing easier. 

  • At the end of the session we align our body along its central line and correct posture. 

Welcome to this feel-good course; love to see you there,


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