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A Tense jaw to a beautiful smile

Updated: Mar 25

You can return a beautiful smile to your face. Stress can be reduced with the right type of exercising.






You may not know that shoulder and neck tension, as well as an uneven face, can be the result of a tense jaw and grinding teeth? Are you aware that if the jaw is tense it can have far reaching effects on your well-being?

Quite a few people hold all types of tensions around their jaw area and this can lead to suffering poor sleep quality, fatigue and numerous problems which are not obviously linked to a tense jaw.

In fact, the latest research shows that as many as a third of us suffer from this problem, and as stress levels rise these numbers are increasing.

When, and if the smile begins to look grim, it really is time to do something about it! We all like the thought of looking charming, relaxed and free.

The good news is that even deeply cumulative stress can be unwound and new habits can be implanted into your daily life. This means you no longer need to tense your jaw.

When we talk about grinding problems, we need to explore the possibility of functional problems, which can be located in joints, muscles and tissues. TMD is the name for the functional problems of the jaw (Temporomandibular disorders). This is something every dentist will come across. As stress levels are increasing it is in the dentist chair that this will come up to the surface.

However, it is not one individual exercise which will solve the deeply rooted problems, nor will it be solved by ‘pulling faces’.

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The ‘expression muscles’ on our faces are always more delicate than the strong ‘grinding muscles’ and thus the activity of the grinding muscles easily overrides the subtlety of our charming expressions. This is why a well-planned facial exercise regime has been proven to help restore a relaxed and approachable face.

When the tension of the jaw melts away, it is not only a nice feeling, but it also really shows in your looks. The best way to look after your facial balance, beauty and appearance is to get to know your own face better and be prepared to give up unwanted mannerisms.

This is a call to encourage you to step away from habitual jaw tension and instead enjoy the benefits of your wonderful smile, particularly as it is now Spring.


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