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Are you in urgent need of anti-ageing?

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Looking younger - from within

My mission is to give back to every woman (and man) skills to take her beauty into her ‘own hands’’.

It is possible to anti-age your face without paying huge amounts of money. In fact all you need is YOU and an open mind - and a method of truly knowing how to exercise the face.

Are you getting scared of the droopy face looking back from the mirror? Do you question if that is really you? Years will age our face, just like our body. However, one of the most ageing activities are those hours spent in front of computers. Millions of us are living a static lifestyle and using digital devices. Within no time our eyes are drawn down and our heads are out of alignment. Stress and new habits are creeping in, all this is seen in the face. More and more people are asking if it is time to literally FACE this extra stress and do something about it. Not to worry, we can return that healthy glow and natural, youthful look to your face.

My own face has improved as I age, no botox is needed!

I have been using my exercise method for the last fifteen years. During the process I have been able to strengthen features which I feel represent my core persona. My biggest achievement has been how I have been able to undo some facial expression patterns which have been trapped in my mind as a reminder of old emotional baggage. What a liberation to remove them permanently! No more ‘trying to look good’, instead just being the woman I am.

Self awareness leads to positive self confidence. In fact, I see the process so valuable that I believe every woman (and man) should have an opportunity to experience it.

This is the reason why Method Putkisto 3D Natural Face exercise regime is for everyone - and every age. This is also the reason why I set up the full training programme for instructors through Method Putkisto Institute. I am proud and glad I did it. Never has the need for the programme been as great as today due to the Covid 19.

It’s a natural way to keep facial muscles ‘in place’ and to look fresh and lifted.

The exercise regimes you will learn are designed to balance the face, improve the tone of the muscles and lift and refresh the appearance. However, it is a mindful approach that makes the practice like relaxing meditation, clearing your mind and improving your emotional resilience. That is a hugely useful tool for ongoing stress management.

How do we practice? You can take part in a one off session but the best is the process. Most of the exercises are performed sitting, if a session is longer, at the end we lie down and go through repetition whilst relaxing. No change of clothing is needed. Just wash your hands. Yes, the face needs to be clean but you can leave makeup on.

Today I am still using the programme as daily energising and toning exercises.

By Marja Putkisto

Method Putkisto 3D Natural Face Clinic (MP FACE) is an innovative concept and exercise programme offering tools on how to improve appearance with simple specific exercises.

It was created by Marja Putkisto in 2000, who is also the founder of the Method Putkisto exercise method. It is hugely popular in Finland, Marja's home country. Today the Method Putkisto 3D Natural Face Clinic is well known and recommended by dentists, doctors and physiotherapists in Finland as an alternative to night grinding problems and invasive facial surgery or injections.

The Method Putkisto Institute offers instructor training in the Method Putkisto 3D Face Clinic

Marja’s online Face sessions are part of our Spring 2022 6 week courses

- Join Marja’s online A beautiful neck and relaxed shoulders sessions - starts 10th January.

Welcome to our 'We Love You Summit' on Saturday 23rd April - Give a day to beauty! Register HERE

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