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Has Zoom stiffened up your face?

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

''Help, what should I do when the corners of my mouth are drooping? It is upsetting as I'm not an angry person but now I look like one! - Please advise”.

A very good question: what to do if your face and your character no longer match?

It’s understandable that interest in improving our ‘social media charisma’ has risen. I recommend working on your natural expressions which will build a charming natural way to be you. This shows, hears, speaks and helps create your entire personality.

It is refreshing to learn to express yourself well, as this will rejuvenate your face.

It is true that facial features can be softened naturally, lips can become fuller without fillers and worry lines smoothed out with simple exercises. It is also true that even grey skin color can glow when enthusiasm is part of your life. Positivity certainly beautifies anyone.

Have the bags under your eyes seemed to have become the norm - not just after a late night? We know these symptoms can be related to stress, lack of sleep or stomach problems but now, during this time we call ‘online being the new normal’, there are also other factors which will be seen in our face.

Excessive time spent in front of screens undeniably is one of the ageing activities, like smoking or lack of sleep but less talked about. By now all of us know what a stiffened ‘Zoom Face’ means. It is also a sign that the use of some of the facial expressions can fade away due to the inactivity in our face. When the urge to express ourselves is reduced, this is in fact the more serious problem. We affect each other through mirror cells. This means that the other person will mirror the way I am or you are. (This is why cultures have an equally strong, if not stronger, body language than the spoken one.) Due to Covid 19 inter-human interaction is limited and the hours in front of our devices have increased. The problem is that we all are getting used to this but have not had time to reflect the impact this has on us.

Emotions move our expression muscles thus enriching our lives. How you express yourself with facial expressions affects everything in your life, but also in others.

Perhaps there is a real truth about ‘inner beauty’ or beauty that reaches deeper than the surface.

Let's talk a few words about beauty. What is it and how can we define it? The question about beauty touches emotions and immediately shifts the discussion into deeper waters. Beauty is an experience and individual to all of us.

Our face reveals our personality, our attitude in life and all life events have been drawn on the face. All this together creates our looks anchored to our personality which cannot be covered with makeup. Enjoy the flow of life and spend time learning how to soften your eyes as sight is the very first touch. That is what we all now need. What then happens is another story!

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