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I learn to love my body, mind and face exercise sessions!

Updated: Jan 18

I enjoy changing colours with the seasons. That's why I bought a colourful sweater and it instantly lifted my spirits. My friends seemed to like it too. 

Well-being is the result of many choices

The colours we wear, the food we eat, how we decorate our homes – all of these contribute to who we are and make us feel well. Not everyone thinks about these things, but for some of us they are important. For me, they mean a lot, but out of all of the activities in my life, I prioritise my body, mind and face exercise sessions. They heal my body, calm me down and give me energy, every day! And last or least, I simply look better and feel better. 

Bodywork rewards us more than we could even imagine

Beyond anything else, our top priority is our health. Bodywork is a wonderful way to look after our wellbeing. Unfortunately, we often take our health and wellbeing for granted until life stops us or fate taps us on the shoulder. We like to believe that it is enough if we exercise "wherever I may have time." Unfortunately this is not the case. Our body and mind needs regular exercise.

What is important to you? What does a good posture or flexible body mean to you? Have you ever tried facial exercising?  

Why not take a look at your own  well-being with fresh eyes? 

We all like to believe we can become a bit better person. I myself wish to take care of my mind and encourage my mental growth. That's why I seek people from whom I can learn. It is worthwhile to choose things that are related to what you truly value or find inspiring. I want to move better. I want to care for my face, so I look better. Also, It makes me happy if I see a hint of youthfulness in my face or notice a new awareness and maturity in my expressions. 

Where is your body in this priority list?

It's often challenging to even recognise when our body is not in its best.  

We’d rather get used to being “ok” or even live with discomfort. That's why fatigue often strikes us when we least expect it. 

I remember when I realised that regular exercise was not enough to help me to renew my posture. When I finally decided to take care of it, I signed into classes and I soon realised that, hey, this is something we really need to focus on. It's true that balancing our own body may require more effort than expected. Not something I can do whenever! 

I slowly realised how the core of my body, deep inside, pulled me off-centre and locked me into the wrong posture. This was the beginning of my long journey, during which I learned how to stretch my body out of discomfort. At the same time, I realised that I needed to change so many of my habits related to how I tend to use my body. I knew that this was the only way forward. 

Over the time I learned that "less is more”, I had used too much power and I had too many blind spots in my body. Only when I learned a completely new technique did my aches and pains disappear. This opened the path for my years of work to develop Method Putkisto, today a household name in my home country Finland; a deep stretching method which became my life's work.  

Today I can offer tools for you to feel better. 

Is it the commitment that subconsciously frightens us? Let's look into this and make the next step easier and even more fun.

 If you wish to step out of stress and boost your well-being.

Come and hear more. 

  • Learn new skills on how to rejuvenate and alleviate the negative effects of stress. 

  • Hear what recovery is and what it can be at its best. 

  • Learn how to take better care of your well-being. 

Feel welcome to join us

  • Regular exercising in Marja’s Club: Join here >> 

  • Marja's Club - Open House. Sunday 18th February 2024 at 19:00 - 19:45 GMT. Join here >>

The best moments in life are those I can share with friends and like-minded people. Join us with your friend!

Marja Putkisto

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