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MP Original - optimise your body

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Do you wish to optimise your body and your well-being in the midst of huge changes in our daily lives? – Method Putkisto has the answer!

Method Putkisto Original

What is Method Putkisto Original?

Life changing - posture correcting – body aligning

Do you like to be flexible? Do you want to become better at handling stress?

Would you like to move with more agility and improve your balance?

Method Putkisto (MP) Original offers you the way to a leaner, lifted body shape, improved posture and greater freedom of movement. It enhances your overall sense of well-being, increases your energy levels and ultimately eases everyday tasks – but it also helps with any physical or mental activities. Most of all it is an empowering and creative way of improving yourself.

The current time is fast changing and there are demanding times ahead. Stress, when constant, over uses our brains. This can result in fatigue, aches, pains, poor quality of sleep - and all of this can be seen in our posture.

It has long been proven that, when stress levels reduce, you sleep better, learn new skills more easily and become generally more productive, creative and happy.

Experience the same as thousands of Finns who have been using The Method as part of their daily stress release and well-being regime over the decades. Pioneered by Marja Putkisto regular users have been appreciating the difference it makes to their flexibility and body shape.

“Within a month the shape and style of my body changed markedly!” Ulla
‘MP is one of the most sensible, effective and body changing (if not potentially life and health changing) methods of exercises I have tried.’ - Newby Hands Harper's Bazaar

The Method’s approach is the perfect foil to our static and/or over-stressed lifestyles. It teaches you how to improve your body in its optimum alignment using your own body weight, breathing and focus - systematically improving your muscle balance.

‘It is about the power of the basics, simple natural movements, freedom and independence. We believe that physicality is essential for well-being’ Marja Putkisto

MP encourages everyone to work towards their potential, engaging inner resources and creativity to achieve this.

In its essence, it is an innovative and precise stretching method that enables you to achieve improvements both in your body shape and function. It’s about highly specialised stretching technique with a deep strengthening effect.

“Method Putkisto is the most specialised stretching & core stability work I have ever experienced.’ Elina

Experience new ways of thinking about the way to tone your body, lift your spine and elevate your spirit.

It offers a unique approach to what we call working from the inside out, integrating all levels of our body and mind helping them to work together in harmony. Being Finnish, MP favours simplicity and natural movements, proving these amazingly efficient.

“Marja Putkisto has achieved a solution and is able to teach the complex structure and movement of the body to each individual in way that is easy to comprehend - and use in everyday life – independently.” Professor Malkia

It is a fresh approach to well-being, using known exercises but it is the use of dynamics that results in this overall balance of your body. Its main tools are:

- Deep, dynamic stretching

- Deep strengthening and

- Deep breathing

It also uses dynamic warm up movements

The Best of The Method

  • It shows you how to gain back control over your body and re-invent the way you move and carry yourself.

  • It focuses on the freedom of your spine and demonstrates how to use your body to maintain the improvements and the ability to move with ease.

· All this re-programmes the neurological pathways (muscle memory) leading to permanent results.

Who is Method Putkisto for?

The Method offers an exercise regime that everyone can do and skills that everyone should have for their everyday life. It is suitable for all ages and fitness levels, but is particularly for those who are missing the link to their true potential. It is excellent for those who feel the need to be ‘pulled together’ both mentally and physically.

Here are some questions you might consider:

  • Are you losing your flexibility?

  • Do you find it difficult to focus?

  • Would you like to be stronger?

  • Do you need more energy?

  • Could your sleep be better?

  • Do you regularly feel achy and fatigued?

  • Do you miss being at your peak?

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’ then MP could be for you.

“With Method Putkisto, I strengthened my back and lifted my posture, but how it happened was amazing.” Pirjo

Recommendation: Practising regularly – at least three times each week - will improve your core strength and muscle control and push boundaries as far as you dare.

Practise regularly with us online - join Marja’s new online 6 week A Strong & Mobile Back course for Spring 2022 - starts 28th February. Discover more HERE

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