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No more disconnection - stretch to be connected!

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Stretch with Method Putkisto

Stretching is something we all do to some degree, or we know we should do. Stretching is what everybody really needs. Truly!

Not only do we feel tight after sitting for a period of time but our muscles disconnect from working together. We often describe this feeling with words like “I felt all over the place”, “out of sync” etc. The question is how “to pull yourself together”. In physical terms this means the way we integrate our muscles to work together to create stability i.e to be connected.

Method Putkisto is a dynamic stretching method which uses core strength exercises whilst stretching, helping us to lift our posture and create stability. It combines the mind and the body and, for good reason, is called Finnish yoga. It is a simple way to achieve overall balance of the body and a life-long lasting freedom of movement. It is practical and appreciates natural movement.

It may sound complicated but let me explain how this is achieved. The magic is in our breathing; as we breathe out and pause - we allow ourselves to ‘sink’ a little deeper into ourselves.

We will get into the work step by step gently, but also learn to work against our own muscles’ resistance; i.e. get deeper into our fascia and its connections. It is a wonderful feeling to know that no forcing, pushing or struggling is needed. Just gradually our minds feel at ease and our bodies become aware of its amazing existence. This is when you can also produce strength!

I hope this has motivated you to stretch as stretching is a skill and truly something we all should learn to do.

Time to stretch? Find out why thousands of Finns use this technique every day. Why don’t you join us and just JUMP IN?

- Join Marja’s online A Strong & Mobile Back 6 week course as a start to our Spring 2022 sessions - starts 28th February 2022.

© Method Putkisto

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