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No more stress syndrome, instead, learn to recuperate!

Updated: Mar 19

Are your thoughts wandering, are you finding it hard to concentrate?

Get the feeling that your day has already disappeared, before you even get started? Sometimes just the thought of starting something new makes us pull back, "I do not have time for this”. This is often when we start delaying decisions. It is like your strength disappears just when you are about to do something meaningful. We all experience this at times. Yet, lack of focus causes fatigue.

But then the most important question is: are you recuperating or experiencing chronic stress without knowing It?

What is stress syndrome?

Stress syndrome is a mental and physical state when we can’t recuperate. And, as a result, we use up energy without knowing or understanding our limits.

Anyone suffering from chronic stress is convinced they have no time and are living under enormous pressure. Anything can feel like such a huge effort. The signs are isolation and the inability to see one’s potential and grasp new opportunities.

Are you suffering from stress syndrome? After all, procrastination is a way of coping. If you have suffered loss of energy and even burnout this also has physical symptoms. Besides exercising, the body is often aching. Stress causes loss of hearing, then loss of balance and so on.

The question is why did you not intervene before this all developed to fatigue and even caused burn out?

I represent well-being as my profession

I teach body mind balance as my profession. I teach the method to instructors and coaches to pass on the skill. This requires me to be believable and to look the part. I should be a living example of energy and vitality.

Yet, I have faced burn out. I slept poorly and there was very little strength in my muscles. In the mornings I was sore, I got used to the headaches and it became normal that I was so tired. I’ve learnt my lesson and today am very sensitive in recognising even the smallest signs of fatigue.

The reasons for my burn out can be found in something that happened years ago. Stress accumulated In my childhood environment there was no time or culture to discuss any feelings. Later on in my life I realised that I’ve lived all my life with chronic stress without knowing it. I just thought it was a normal state of mind. As my mother said: “Grit your teeth and go to work”. I never dared talk about my fears.

My recovery was a journey that influenced the programs I have developed, the Light Programme being one. It offers a solution when even a feather feels heavy.

Here are some symptoms I experienced. I remember the date clearly when I realised that I was inflamed and water retention was part of my life.

My whole sensory system was out of balance. Even listening to the birds felt like they were shouting, I simply could not stand any sounds. Although I knew that everything was too much, I also knew that to stop would’ve been catastrophic and would destroy almost everything that I had been building over the years. I needed to find another way out. A new alternative?

My doctor was able to confirm that the real reason for my fatigue was my production of adrenaline had been too high for too long, so my kidneys were overworked. I decided to turn around and change the way I exercised completely, and the light program was born.

I changed my exercises, but most of all the way I technically perform them. I changed my daily rhythm, sound landscape and dosage of exercises. When I finally mastered the light pumping technique my quality of sleep improved and water retention decreased. I did recuperate but there were still many questions to be answered.

All this resulted in my new 'Fire UP recovery in five weeks' program. The program offers you simple exercises, but it also gives you a chance to look and think about your own potential in a new way.

The program approaches recuperation as a skill which you can develop, and where you can progress. Within the coaching program you will learn recuperation techniques for everyday life.

Recuperation is the base for well-being. It’s a skill on how to maneuver your daily energy levels.

Stress and recuperation coaching offers a new solution for dealing with stress, giving you the tools to look after your well-being. Everyone needs the skills to recuperate in life. This program is suitable for everybody, individuals and teams. This program will talk to those who want to feel and look well.

What do I need to recognise when I’m tired?

It’s through your own observations that one can find and make the best solutions for yourself. How does this work in practice? Eventually all of us can learn to coach ourselves.

First signs of tiredness?

Recuperation is a skill one can learn to master. Each of us can, and should, learn to coach ourselves. In this way we master life.

Become a coach in Stress & Recovery

Training starts on Friday 17th May 2024 Read more here >>

Marja Putkisto

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