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Method Putkisto Stress & Recovery Coach Training 2024

Updated: Feb 5

NEW - Training begins on 17th March 2024

This training is for you if you are looking for a new career, wish to add a new service for your clients or to expand your business. The coaching service can be offered online or face-to-face.

Are you ready to help people to feel better and also to get stronger yourself?

If your answer is yes - see you soon!

The training offers a coach's toolbox

  1. Method Putkisto Fire Up, Recuperate in a 5-week programme - to improve your skill of reducing stress and recuperation.

  2. Method Putkisto Recovery Coaching skillset - you will learn how to coach your clients to manage their daily lives and wellbeing

  3. How to use MP 'off the shelf' online courses - these offer solutions for problems and the various needs of your clients.

  4. Measurement tools - to verify progress and follow the results,

  5. Recovery Coaching service as a business model - this service can be offered to:

    1. individuals and groups, of all ages and fitness levels

    2. organisations for well-being and performance improvement.

"People don't always feel their stress, instead they become absent-minded and get easily irritated. Anxiety and procrastination are a new phenomenon. If ever, now the world needs creative and proactive people." Marja Putkisto

In our training, you will gain

  • Skills for recuperation coaching and stress management.

  • A method to help brain and relaxation skills.

  • MP Fire UP, The 5-week recovery programme

  • MP Light Programme for toning and improving lymphatic circulation and activating the parasympathetic nervous system.

  • Method Putkisto Energy Diagram® to monitor results and optimise your activity level and performance.

  • Exercises and service packages to promote recuperation and balance the body.

About Recuperation Coaching

It is suitable for

* people are trying to find new ways to cope with the challenges of modern times, and wish to improve the quality of their life and their performance.

* This training does not require previous experience in the field of well-being or a background in physical education. The training is also suitable purely for self-development.

'The Fire UP programme keeps you energised, no more fatigue and sleep becomes almost a treat." Marja Putkisto

The training duration is approx one year and is recommended alongside any normal challenges of life (family life, other studies or work).

The training includes

* 10 days of face-to-face learning, on average 1/month.

* Brain research info pack

* Online courses to support your own practice.

* Private tutoring

* Study group to complement the training

* Observation and assistance hours

* Coaching practice for your own clients

* Written assignments.

The training is based on pre-designed programmes that you can offer to meet the needs of different clients. Through them, you will internalise the physiological laws of the functional body and recovery. You will learn how to guide the body out of a state of chronic stress, how to strengthen lymphatic circulation, eliminate inflammation, strengthen immunity and improve sleep quality. You will learn, through your own body, how to balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

Coaching and guidance skills are practised throughout the training.

You will learn how to take the process forward in a progressive and individualised way based on the needs of the client and how to combine the right training and coaching to achieve better results. We will perfect your client encounter skills, coaching language and concepts.

The training will articulate the difference between counselling and coaching services. The most important skill for an MP Recovery Skills coach is to know how to take the client forward in the long term and tie recovery skills into other life achievements.

Method Putkisto adds a qualitative dimension to coaching. You will learn how to sensitise your postural and kinesthetic systems, increasing your ability to independently correct imbalances in your body. Brain & Motor Studies add a new dimension to training


Our team of trainers will enlighten you on the concept from many interesting angles, bringing the whole thing to life and giving you the best preparation for your work as a coach.

  • Marja Putkisto (MP), physical education teacher, body management expert, developer of the Method Putkisto, director and main trainer of the MP Institute

  • Matti Vartiainen (MV), PhD, Doctor of Philosophy, brain researcher and clinician, physiotherapist specialising in neurology

  • Jarmo *Pire* Koivisto (JK), MP, MPP and MP HL instructor, physiotherapist, ice hockey physio coach

  • Pirjo Jokipii (PJ), Method Putkisto Business and entrepreneur trainer MP Diploma trainer, MPKK, MP Body Up, MPITR trainer

Guidance is an essential and enriching part of training. It helps to transfer knowledge & skills into practice in a hands-on way.

Ulla Pesola (UP), MP Diploma instructor, MPHL, MPKK, MPP, MPP device, MPKO, MP Body Up and ITR instructor, trainer

Louise Curwen (LC), MP Master Trainer, MPKK Diploma level

Location of training

The training will take place as a hybrid = online and/or on-site. Physical Method Pipkisto training locations are our Method Pipkisto Studio and MP Pop-Up Studio (Helsinki, Tampere, Muurame, Kuopio and Nilsiä).

The new opportunity to participate in training remotely has been particularly well received.

"The training days are well structured and I feel a strong connection with the rest of the group. I am fully engaged and, surprisingly, have made a lot of new colleagues and friends!" Liisa

Price, incl. VAT 20%.

£2,400, inc VAT 20% For already qualified Method Putkisto Instructors: £1,800 inc VAT 20%



Registration fee £600

Monthly installments 12 x £150

For MP instructors


Registration fee £600

Monthly installments 12 x £100

The price includes:

  • Total teaching 190-270 hrs

  • Qualifications, MP Recovery coach

  • Online courses x 6

  • Audios x 10

  • Face-to-face days (on-site or online) x 10

  • Work coaching x 13

  • Training material, e-learning environment

  • Attendance at classes; Marja Club total 12 h

  • Business training in coaching service design

  • Final work

Teacher training Open House event 

Saturday 17th February 2024 at 13:15 - 13:45 GMT. Come and hear how you can make a difference in somebody"s life.  Join for free >>

Training begins on NEW - Training begins on 17th March 2024.

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