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Being it or doing it ?

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

being it or doing it with Method Putkisto

My thoughts about the upcoming week, that we are about to share together, gave me again the opportunity to reflect and look over my thought patterns in general. 

In life I wish to feel and concentrate on those small things. For me they really matter in my daily life and make all the difference.

For instance, in the morning the aroma from the fresh grounded beans hovering around the kitchen will make the coffee taste and feel more special and intense - something worth waiting for. 

It takes me some more minutes to prepare but still, having a moment like that when you really focus on the taste of the coffee, being where you are instead of doing something means you already plan further. This means value for me in life. Life itself. 

As an assistant I really wish to be able to feel the shared energy and concentrate and focus on what we will experience together. 

I found it also inspiring to be able to visit so many different locations during these days - everything between cosy homes and summer cottages or historical castles to unique Method Putkisto studios. 

It is literally about connecting people together with that energy. My aim is to be the movement instead of doing it, therefore I choose “being instead of doing”. 

Marjas words: ”this week is for you” are of importance and will make a difference about how to settle into the week. 

I realise I have a lot to learn myself about the Method and this will be a valuable experience on my way to becoming a certified Method Putkisto Instructor. 

For some reason I almost feel like we are about to travel and make a journey together. It is about planning in advance, having wishes and expectations of what we would like to explore and experience on the way. Although, I try not to experience in advance and try not to have too many or high expectations of what the week will bring. 

Surprises appear and will have their space during the week, offering that special spice and flavour for us to enjoy.

I used to work abroad as a tour guide and chose to tell my colleagues, at least, about the Moominvalley and the Moomintrolls, the saga written by Tove Jansson.

The stories and books open up in a beautiful way something about being a Finn, the nature and also the character of us living here. We are maybe considered as melancholic, often also as shy. If you ask me I would say genuine, down to earth and maybe these words below open up that a tiny bit :

”All thing are so very uncertain, and that’s exactly what makes me feel reassured”

Too-Tikkey in the book Moominland Midwinter by Tove Jansson

A smile, the warm tone of your voice and to be there will take you a long way and the importance of the language spoken won’t make the difference. 

Now I feel ready for take-off and would like to wish all of you a memorable week filled with insight and success, some surprises not to be forgotten : )

”The world is full of great and wonderful things for those who are ready for them”

Moominpappa in the book Moominpappa at sea by Tove Jansson

Warm regards 


PIcture: Marica Ryökäs

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