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Method Putkisto INTERNATIONAL SUMMER WORKSHOP 2022 by Marja Putkisto

A 5 day body & mind Summer Retreat - Project You!

It is the unique blend of stretching, strengthening and breath work, together with walking, that leads to relaxation, a new posture and freedom of movement!

During these 5 days, your mind is cleared, your metabolism is boosted, you feel lighter and less bloated, your body is stronger and your mobility improves. You will restore the contours of your body, become stronger, more supple and energised.

What makes this workshop so effective?

It is designed to help you to let go of stress and the everyday busyness. What makes this effective is how this 5-day workshop leads to a deeper recovery and our well-being reaches well above the surface and its effects last well into the Autumn! The beautiful surroundings are ideal to tune into the programme.

What does the workshop consist of?

The blend of four most popular Method Putkisto programmes:

  • MP Original - With deep breathing, deep stretching and deep breathing exercises for the optimal balance and relaxation. Read more >>

  • MP 3D Natural Face Clinic & FACE UP - With gentle facial exercises to lift our face. Read more >>

  • MP BODY UP - for inspiration, creativity and motivation. Here we stretch our minds to let go of some old patterns and be our best. That's when renewal begins!

  • MP Nordic Walking for ease of movement - We free the body to move naturally. Uneven ground works on the small muscles of the feet resonating through the spine, increasing lymphatic circulation and improving agility. Using poles, we assist the small muscles of the spine to work properly. Inspiring and amazing! Read more >>

How are the results achieved?

This relaxed programme is a combination of thoughtful indoor and outdoor exercises that, together, makes the results unique. Guided sessions total 25 hours. You can jump in from morning to evening at a pace that suits you. It is also the work of our assistants that is appreciated to create a feeling of safety. Their hands will assist and support the movements in just the right place. The energy of the workshop often supports you further than you think.

What's best?
  • Results - the programme is restorative, improving muscle balance and increasing vitality. A real springboard to a new level of well-being.

  • Relaxation - calm and peace. The body needs constant maintenance. Both our muscles and brain need rest to recover. Being relaxed opens up possibilities for the new.

  • Atmosphere - when it comes to exercising and keeping up with your well-being this is one of the most fun and joyful ways to do it.

What makes this workshop unique?

An international atmosphere - in the beautiful Finnish summer! The Method Putkisto Summer Course has been developed through the years. Everything that is unnecessary has been removed.

In front of the beautiful Manor House and lake you will find a cosmopolitan atmosphere - combined with great treatments! Participants come from all over Europe and the interaction adds a new dimension to the course!

All participants are united by an appreciation for their body and a valued well-being.

The course is in English, but I am equally fluent in 'two languages'. The facilitators are Finns, all who speak English.

"The experience of caring, personal attention and warmth was there throughout the course." Maija

Our team of assistants

We are joined by a fantastic team of Method Putkisto assistants to offer personal guidance and support to achieve the best possible results. Francis Mitchell - is our walking expert with years of experience. He has an innate ability to inspire and get everyone moving.


We will have a great team of therapists on site to offer you a range of treatments to aid your well-being. Massages are almost "body sculpting" sessions - just for your body.

Refresh your days

  • Swimming - from the pier of the lakeside sauna you can take a dip in the refreshing clean lake at your leisure.

  • Morning sauna - The morning sauna is located in the therapy building.

What our clients tell us about the Course

"I got a lot more than I expected. This is something everyone should experience!" Elina

"An experience of care, personal care and cordiality was there throughout the course." Maija

"The atmosphere is calming, focused’’ Eerika

"The feeling of well-being continues with me for months - that's why I attend the course every year" Linda
"It healed my back!'' Markus

Come and join us!

International Summer Workshop 2022: Sunday 24th - Saturday 30th July.

Early bird price valid until 30.6.2022

©Method Putkisto

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