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You are beautiful - beauty is in you!

Your attitude towards life forms your looks. The way you think can be seen from the way you carry yourself as well as from your face. Poor posture is a sign that we don't have the energy to carry ourselves.

Do you ever find yourself frowning? Did your face suddenly change? Do you fail to recognise yourself in the mirror?

Rarely do we stop to think how our own way of approaching life affects our appearance. Maybe we should - as we can well say: you can beautify yourself through your thinking.


How do you represent your beauty?

How do you live a life promoting beauty? It is worth asking what finally makes a person beautiful. Beauty comes from within as beauty is most of all a feeling. It is exprienced differently by each of us according to our experiences in life and the way each of us see the world Perhaps we should focus more on the question of how we feel about ourselves.


Can beauty be practiced?

Yes, it can be practiced. It's the ability to see yourself in a new light, every day. It is a way of relating to yourself, getting in touch with, upgrading, recharging or renewing yourself.


What enhances facial features?

What brings radiance and a glow to your face? It is this feeling of getting inspired when realising how much you influence the around around you. It is your visions, passions and cheerfulness for life. It is the way you look around yourself and, if you are open, your face will open and the world answers you.

Here are some top tips:

  • Soften your lips

  • Sense with a smile

  • Water your mouth with sweet flavours

  • Shape your features with generosity, emotional intelligence, compassion, thoughtfulness, kindness, joy and gratitude.


What does research say about beauty? How is beauty measured?

Surely it is worth overcoming the worries and anxieties about ageing or wrinkles. (How secondary they may seem in the current world situation!) Beauty is certainly not measured in terms of youth, make-up or hairstyles.

In 2019 a 27-country Ipsos survey, conducted via Ipsos’s Global Advisor online survey platform, demonstrated how self-confidence, kindness, happiness, dignity and intelligence ranked in the top five of the 19 qualities that people use to judge each other as beautiful, regardless of gender.

Kindness was the super favourite on the beauty list.

Happiness was second, because when you recognise it, you feel beautiful. Beauty was not related to the outside or money, but to the relationship with oneself and life.

Beauty is therefore essentially a feeling, which consists of:

  • An inner sense of peace, i.e. self-confidence. It comes from recognising that in giving goodness to others, one is fulfilled and not depleted.

  • A feeling of gratitude, when you know that everything is only a gift for a moment. Then you really start to enjoy the moment and it has an impact on the environment.

  • The experience of wholeness, which often becomes a memory. That's why you can go back to it and stop there.

  • A passion that makes you want to protect, build, nurture and share beauty because it is so unique and gives you so much life force.


Can thinking make you beautiful? What makes you look amazing?

Beyond all, a really beautiful person is charismatic and makes others feel good about themselves. Charisma has nothing to do with age, but has a lot to do with attractiveness.

Let excitement travel across your face and fill this moment with dreams and visions. Dare to wink at life, indulge yourself and play with your imagination.”


What makes beauty unattainable?

Beauty is hard to describe. We look for it in nature, art and philosophy, but also in our phones and furniture. We value it more than reason, we seek to surround ourselves with it and therefore even lose ourselves in the pursuit of it.

When we immerse ourselves in stress and over achievements we often lose our ability to feel. No wonder brain fog decreases our ability to enjoy life. If you clench your teeth our eyes are never soft or open.

Research shows that even if you are physically beautiful but arrogant or mean as a human being, beauty fades in a fraction of a second. Boredom, arrogance, condescension, aggression and lack of interest do not make anyone beautiful.


6 weeks FACE UP course participants

"The best thing is how I feel about myself now. I can be more relaxed." Henna

“For the first time, I can positively recognise the impact of my own facial expressions on other people. It gives a holistic feeling of beauty.“ Eveliina

“My facial expressions make others feel beautiful. I am more motivated to keep practicing and to carry my weight.” Pirkko


Where to experience this?

Join our ‘We love You Summit’ free event on Saturday 23rd April 2022 from 10am. Read more HERE

Experience the beautifying effects of facial exercising. There will be practice sessions and interesting lectures on beauty and wellness.


© Method Putkisto

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